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How Can You Take Good Photos in Boring Locations?

Do you think the locations around you are boring and really not worth your time? This will help inspire you and breathe new life into your photography. 

When I moved to the far southwest of Japan almost 15 years ago from up near Tokyo, I thought I was the luckiest man alive. I was leaving a heaving metropolis for a place full of mountains, valleys, volcanoes, and gorgeous waters. For the first few years I was here, I went out shooting every chance I got and spent many wonderful hours just roaming around these landscapes, finding an endless array of photographic opportunities. But after I got married, had kids, and bought a house, I started finding reasons not to go out with my camera. The weather, the light, and the time all got a good workout, but I was also guilty of thinking that I'd photographed everything worth shooting.

That was utter nonsense, of course, and it also brings us to this great video by Nigel Danson, in which he takes you on a lovely outing up in the hills and valleys just near Sheffield, England. The point of the video is to show you how any location, regardless of the genre, can provide you with a world of interesting potential for great imagery. Of course, some places lend themselves to more spectacular photos because of their natural beauty, but Danson shows you how to find inspiration in things that you might have dismissed as mundane. A perfect example is simply taking your camera off the tripod and moving one step to the side to compare compositions. Really, calling a location boring is just making excuses, and I'm as guilty as anyone. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Iain Stanley is an Associate Professor teaching photography and composition in Japan. Fstoppers is where he writes about photography, but he's also a 5x Top Writer on Medium, where he writes about his expat (mis)adventures in Japan and other things not related to photography. To view his writing, click the link above.

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I think this comment is on the wrong article but the title of this article makes the comment pretty funny.

absolutely the wrong post! LOL

Sorry complete rubbish! This whole genre of extreme wide angle close up is just S&*(^ What is the subject? Is it the close up part or the background image. Now we do it when the light is even more S()*& ! Put a normalish lens on and make an interesting picture of the rocks if you can.

Wow. Never thought someone could get so angry about wide angle lenses. It's just photography. Relax. No animals were harmed in the making of the video.

Your energy is a bit much, but I agree with the overall sentiment.

If you think that is a boring location you have issues