Watch Every Episode of Photographing The World: Japan BTS for Free

Watch Every Episode of Photographing The World: Japan BTS for Free
We recently wrapped up filming our newest landscape photography tutorial with Elia Locardi, Photographing The World: Japan. As always, we filmed an entire behind-the-scenes series of our adventure, and now, you can watch every episode for free. 

Episode 1

Unlike every other Photographing The World tutorial, Patrick, my business partner, busy having his firstborn child, was not able to help film this time. I decided to teach Isaac, a Jiu Jitsu buddy without any experience, how to take Patrick's place. 

To complicate things further, my wife and two-year-old, Nolan, decided to come to Japan as well. 

Episode 2

In this episode, we officially begin filming the tutorial. Isaac, who has never filmed anything in his life, struggles with the camera settings in the first lesson, but quickly figures things out over the course of the first four lessons. 

Episode 3

This episode begins with a strange walk through a forest in the rain to find an even stranger shooting location. Isaac then gets sick, leaving me to film the next lesson alone. 

Episode 4

In this episode, we shoot the most beautiful location of the entire tutorial. Elia and I love the incredible sushi meals, while Isaac, who can't stand sushi, almost starves. 

Episode 5

In this episode, we are forced to film the two most difficult lessons of the tutorial. Mount Fuji is covered by clouds for five days straight, and Elia is forced to sit in the rain to capture the Wedded Rocks. 

Episode 6

In the final episode, we switch from natural landscapes to the incredible cityscapes of Tokyo. Isaac and I eat authentic Wagyu beef, we shoot the largest intersection in the world, and we photograph the famous Rainbow Bridge. At the end, we leave a hint of what's to come. 

Thanks for watching Photographing The World: Japan. If you buy the tutorial now, we are offering any other tutorial in the series for free. Also, you can watch the first full lesson in its entirety totally for free

Big thanks to ClickaSnap for sponsoring this series. 

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