Fujifilm GFX 50S II Versus GFX 100S: Which is Right for You?

The Fujifilm GFX range has some stunning cameras in it and in the last few years, several more have been added. However, their two newest additions come at two different price points, so which is right for you?

I will openly admit, I was relatively indifferent towards the GFX range before I used one for the first time. I had my trip to Tokyo booked for the release event of the GFX 100 and so Fuji sent me a 50R to use while I was there. I remember opening the package and immediately taking a picture of the body next to my mirrorless cameras to send to a friend; the 50R was enormous and the GFX 100 was markedly bigger.

Everything about the GFX range, including the lenses, felt gratuitous in size and weight and I couldn't imagine ever buying one. 7 days later, I was back in London, and trying to work out how I could justify buying any GFX camera. To this day, wandering around Tokyo with the 50R was one of my favorite photography experiences and for a slower, luxurious brand of photography, the GFX range is a must-try. The GFX cameras aren't for every shooter, but many would enjoy them and they are undoubtedly powerful tools.

In this video, Gajan Balan walks you through the differences between Fuji's two newest medium format bodies, the GFX 50S II and the 100S.

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Needs a link to the video...

It was accidentally stripped out. Fixed. Thank you, Paul.

I like my 50s (original), but I'd go for the 100s purely on performance (if 50s mark ii had the performance of the 100s in a lesser mp - say the current 50 or 64, it would be awesome, but it's not and hence 100s).

Thanks to those 16 bit raw files the 100s has a boat load of editing latitude. It' super nice. So far i haven't had to deal with color banding at all.

Oh hell...I'll take either one with NO qualms.