Fujifilm Announces Plans for Two More Innovative Medium Format Lenses

Fujifilm Announces Plans for Two More Innovative Medium Format Lenses

As if a new medium format camera and three new lenses weren't enough, Fujifilm has also announced plans for two rather innovative medium format lenses.

The two new lenses are a remarkably long 500mm prime lens and a power zoom option for video work.

The new 500mm prime lens will have an equivalent focal length of 396mm on the GFX sensor, giving it double the reach of Fujifilm's current 250mm telephoto lens, the longest in the lineup. Paired with a teleconverter, Fujifilm says the 500mm prime can achieve a 700mm focal length (554mm equivalent) for applications like sports and wildlife work. greatly expanding the creative possibilities for GFX users.

Joining the ultra-telephoto prime is Fujifilm's first electronically controlled power zoom lens for the GFX system. With smooth and precise motorized control over focal length, aperture, and focus, the power zoom promises to be a versatile lens for both photo and video needs. 

"We are excited about the value these new lens offerings will bring not only to the GFX System portfolio of lenses, but also, and especially, to creatives as they continue to strive to tell their stories," said Victor Ha, VP at Fujifilm North America. 

The two newly announced lenses will bring Fujifilm's total GFX lens lineup to 20 models, delivering professional-grade optics to the medium format mirrorless system. Since its launch in 2017, the GFX system has proven popular with landscape, portrait, commercial, and fashion photographers who need exceptional image quality from the camera's large sensor. The new telephoto prime and video-focused power zoom build on the GFX system's capabilities for working professionals.

Fujifilm did not provide details on pricing or availability for the 500mm prime or power zoom lenses, but the announcement shows Fujifilm's continued commitment to expanding the GFX system for professional imaging applications where medium format excels. Look for more news on these and other GFX lenses as they near launch.

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This is not an area I specialize in, but I think it's one of the more interesting developments in the camera space. Here we have a medium format body with much improved autofocus from the previous generation, and a new telephoto lens that, with a 1.4x teleconverter, gives you ~550mm full frame equivalent reach. On a 100mp sensor, this should be a compelling option for some wildlife shooters, no?