Apple Public Betas for iOS 13 and iPadOS Released

Apple Public Betas for iOS 13 and iPadOS Released

Today, Apple released the first public betas for multiple platforms that will be refreshed this fall.

While it’s advised not to install these new beta releases on any essential devices as bugs and incompatibility issues are to be expected, those that want to try out the new features of iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS Catalina, and tvOS are invited to participate in Apple’s public beta. For iPhones and iPads, be sure to create an encrypted backup in iTunes first (note the encrypted part, because regular backups will be overwritten).

The main updates related to photography involve a revamped Photos app with an improved memories experience to go back into the archives and see all your best and most relevant images. There’s also a new photo editing interface that puts more controls at your fingertips rather than tucked behind more menus. Video editing is seeing a huge improvement and movies can now be straightened or have their orientation rotated within the Photos app, and other adjustments to the exposure and color can also be made. Finally, Portrait Lighting mode is gaining a new High-Key Mono effect as well as now being able to move the distance of the virtual lighting to change the rendered look on faces.

All the changes coming to iOS 13 and iPadOS can be seen on the Apple website.

Have you installed the new betas? What are your first impressions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Screen sharing with Mac, if the editing software designers can create control panels to sit on the iPad that will be next level.

There is an app for that :)

There is, correct. But this is bringing dual screen native software, which should hopefully work seamlessly.

After the upgrade my back-up system doesn't recognize my back-up drive 😅Will try to fiddle with it later on.

tried it on the original ipad pro, and am having no luck importing any raw images from any card or camera.