Fan of Royal Family Uses an iPhone on Christmas Day, Beats out Professional Photographers

Fan of Royal Family Uses an iPhone on Christmas Day, Beats out Professional Photographers

A picture of the four royals – Princes William and Harry with their partners Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle – taken simply by a fan on an iPhone on Christmas day, has appeared all around the world, beating many professional efforts.

Single mother Karen Murdoch, 39 — who has been credited by some sources as Karen Anvil, thanks to her Twitter handle – works in HR at a hospital, and took the shot as she waited outside St. Mary Magdalene Church as the Royals walked to a Christmas Day service. After posting it online, she has been bombarded by media outlets around the world, and says she hopes the profits she’s making on the image will help fund her daughter’s university fees.

Murdoch had no intentions to sell the images initially, and that her only photography experience is the occasional snap of her family and pets. She tells the Daily Telegraph she just “got lucky,” and describes the ensuing media attention as “the most bonkers thing ever.” She laughed about the experience, having been “the rudest guest over Christmas,” thanks to her phone being inundated with messages and calls.

With Meghan [Markle] coming into the [royal] family, and then finding that she was going to be there — we thought we live a short distance away, let's go down, it's not going to have a big impact on our day, that's what I was thinking at the time. 

Murdoch says she got their attention simply by shouting “Merry Christmas!” Now, the image is appearing on newspaper headlines the world over.

Lead image by Uncoated via Pexels.

[via The Telegraph]

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Wait, wait, wait... I know the answer... The best camera is the one you have with you... right? sigh.

And actually, the shot is very good!!!!!

We live in a wonderful photography era!!!

Exactly. I only wrote about this because it's a nice story about someone who just got lucky taking a nice shot and who isn't trying to prove iPhones are better :)

Who need high quality images to print on toilet paper. Phone is good enough.


Good for her! That's a great "luck shot" and I think we can all admit (even if only to ourselves) that the iphone's camera is really good for what it is.

Now the most important question: We know she yelled "Merry Christmas" to get everyone's attention... How, though, did she convince the Queen herself to pop into the shot for the royal photobomb?

That is actually. a GOOD photo! coming from someone who has done photography for 15 years now. Good job!

I reckon she should get the same amount of credit. Getting the good shot is all that matters.

Oh look, iPhone!!!!

I don't see any problem, she made an exelent shot, it's very live and bright. So, good for her. This year I hope somebody makes good shot to, but this time on the celebration )) Lol. I can't wait to see what Christmas dresses Kate and Megan chose. They are very stylish and set trends for the next year. So, we, girls will have less headache with the choice of dresses for all Christmas parties. I have some ideas for this year party, thanks to but following celebrities choice is a win-win option.