Apple's iPhone Photography Tips for Shooting in Portrait Mode

Apple's iPhone Photography Tips for Shooting in Portrait Mode

Apple just released some quick tips from professional photographers for shooting in Portrait Mode on the iPhone 7 Plus. For those that thought you'd find some tricks in the Tips app on your iPhone, you thought wrong. But Apple is finally sharing a few tips online. Although fairly easy to use, these tips can help an unfamiliar user to better understand the dual-camera system and how to get the best out of Portrait Mode.

Apple states the iPhone is currently the most popular camera in the world (with increasing popularity among pro photographers according to Flickr in 2016). Check out these sweet tips from photographers who have found creative ways to make their Portrait-Mode images better.

Tip #1

Get up in there! It's true that if you don't get within eight feet of your subject as noted on the screen, the dual cameras can't create the shallow depth of feel that sets apart this upgrade. This is kind of great for those of us that have shy subjects such as kids, pets, etc. Fashion and lifestyle photographer JerSean Golatt says that the iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait mode “adds value for those with lower than commercial budgets.” Golatt says you should “get up close to your subject to bring out the details.”

Photo by fashion and lifestyle photographer @jersean_, shot on iPhone 7 Plus.

Tip #2

Find soft, diffused lighting to really see portrait mode shine! Placing your subject in low sun, shade, or even near a softly lit window will achieve a really nice, soft look. Even without pro lighting equipment, the amateur hobbyist photographer can create a great, quality look. Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart says, "cut out the distractions from your subject,” and, “try to find the shade and put the sun behind your subject as a nice back light.”

Photo by celebrity photographer @jeremycowart, shot on iPhone 7 Plus and edited using VSCO.

Tip #3

Bring out the reality in our settings. With the dual cameras, you can create the softness of a sunset, yet grab up the detail of your subject. Pei Ketron is a world traveler and when not taking photos of incredible landscapes, she’s enjoying time with her dog, Luna.

Portrait mode on the new iPhone 7 Plus creates beautifully realistic background bokeh that rivals DSLRs. Give your pup some space. Portrait mode uses the telephoto lens, so a distance of about eight feet away is recommended. Have treats ready. You'll get the best results when your subject isn't moving.”

Photo by travel photographer @pketron, shot on iPhone 7 Plus.

Read the full list of pro photo tips for using Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus. Take your Portrait Mode photos social! This is a great opportunity to share more images on-the-fly to your social media pages.
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