Mobile Photography Tips to Maximize Your Smartphone Images

If you want to learn photography from scratch and you haven’t bought a camera, your phone is all you need to start. 

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better. The debate whether they can keep up with bigger cameras will probably never end. But there is an evident value of smartphones when it comes to photography. As millions of photographers around the world have said, the best camera to start photography with is the one that you already have, and in this day and age, it's safe to say that most people own and use smartphones with at least one camera on them. 

In this video coming to you from wedding and lifestyle photographer Jaja Samaniego, she talks about some of the most basic yet helpful tips to help any beginner photographer kickstart their learning and be able to practice photography wherever they may be. With the constantly evolving technology in smartphones, they have become a very capable tool for practically anyone to start learning and practicing photography, not just in terms of composition but also to be able to understand exposure settings. Most phones nowadays come with advanced features such as multiple cameras, a professional/manual mode for full control of the exposure, slow motion, time-lapse, and much more. This video talks about some tips to get you started so you can go and explore photography with your phone.

Nicco Valenzuela's picture

Nicco Valenzuela is a photographer from Quezon City, Philippines. Nicco shoots skyscrapers and cityscapes professionally as an architectural photographer and Landscape and travel photographs as a hobby.

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