Samsung Patents 'Wraparound Display' for New Phone, Screens on Both Sides

Samsung Patents 'Wraparound Display' for New Phone, Screens on Both Sides

While hype around its folding phone continues, Samsung has also acquired patent approval for another, different type of characteristic: a “multi-face display,” wrapping around both sides of the phone. The feature would allow both the phone user and their subject(s) to see what the image looks like while taking pictures.

The patent was first spotted by Let’s Go Digital, and is entitled “Electronic Device Having Plurality of Display and Method for Controlling Same.” Samsung allegedly submitted the patent way back in 2016, but it was only just approved and published by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) on April 25th of this year.

The continuous display covers the front, back, and seemingly even the top edge of the phone, with one of the sketches showing a message being displayed along the top edge of the handset.

If it materializes, the phone would be able to display a live view of your subject while shooting a portrait, allowing them to see themselves as the picture is being captured.

Phones with displays on both sides aren’t brand new, given that Nex already sell similar handsets. But it may be an indicator of where the phone market is headed next. The difference here is the wraparound display; no model yet includes a screen on the edges.

This phone may also be great for translation, as it would let each user speak while the other sees the translation instantly and without having to flick between windows or pass the phone around.

Whether Samsung can bring this to fruition currently remains to be seen.

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One step at a time...

I think the diagram actually does a great job of showing that. He’s all hunched with a derpy look on his face. The selfie for a new generation.

Phones have become more and more the same no matter what brand you go with. Things are about to get interesting.