Selena Gomez Shot Her New Music Video Entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro

Pop star Selena Gomez shot the video for her much-anticipated comeback track entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro. The video has acquired almost 50 million views in the two days since it premiered.

Gomez, who for a long while was the most followed individual on Instagram, currently has 158 million followers. It’s been four years since her last album, so all eyes have been on her comeback.

The new video appears to be in conjunction with Apple, who is heavily promoting it on iTunes and Apple Music:

Selenators, rise up! The pop superstar roars back with the new single ‘Lose You to Love Me.’ Hear it now and watch the Shot on iPhone music video.

Listen to Selena’s inspiring tale of self-discovery. Watch the dramatic Shot on iPhone video.

The company has also released its own “Apple’s Cut” version of the music video. You can see their cut below, along with a short behind-the-scenes video that gives a glimpse into the setup used to film it, via Macerkopf .

It’s clear that professional lighting equipment has been used. The video was directed by award-winning director Sophie Miller, who has previously shot videos for the likes of Annie Lennox and Blur.

Your thoughts?

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I wonder how much Apple paid her to do that?

With pro lighting, makeup and set design that’s not very surprising. Even with all that it still looks like it was shot with a cheap camera.

Please explain?

They did well by skirting the limitations of a smartphone camera - relatively low dynamic range / shoot black and white, fixed focal length / dolly zoom on stationary subject, relatively low detail / lots of fade transitions, no bokeh in video / use vignette and textured background.

true... but the big question is "Does the end viewer care?"

Maybe not consciously. In this case, a viewer might only care/notice if the video was not up to the productions standards of a major record label. In this case I think they nailed it, mostly by choosing a style that negates any situations that would push the iPhone beyond its limitations relative to interchangeable lens cameras. Stylish video that fits a catchy tune = win.

Looks like a win all around.. She gets a free video plus a promo push, Apple gets Promo/Marketing material, Fans get content and I get to write another comment :)

Most likely, you're the only one who doesn't get paid ;)

In addition to the lighting etc, the Filmic Pro App would have made a significant difference here, gives you so much more out of the camera vs using the native IOS camera app . Important call out i feel :)

Maybe, I’m still waiting for them to fix the FPS issue so that their app actually records at the settings you set.

Still sounds the same drivel.

Yeah. I mean the camera only captures what you feed it. Never mind the god knows how many hours of planning and story boarding went into this before a single stage production was even though of

You could just go shopping hungry buy a bunch of stuff and end up shopping in a few hours again. Works for a lot of people and costs them a fortune

I think they completely dropped the ball on this. They are using the iPhone as a regular camera, only doing small dolly movements...
Would have been cool to see something creative that a normal camera can't do. Like throwing it around or Selena grabbing it and pointing to another direction passing it through a small window.
It is nice that you can do this with a phone now-days, but this is just uninteresting camera work.

The hardest part of the production was getting Apple to turn off their battery draining software so the phone would stay on. Apparently Apple refused to drop their scams and that is why the video has about 5000 transitions where they had to keep charging the phone again. Also anytime you want to hide bad exposure or color, convert to black and white.

Don't you have selfies and pics of your food to take? Let the grown ups speak.

You're drunk Wendy, go home.

Not impressed to say the least. I only shoot stills. I'm going to ask my 15 year old what she thinks of this video before I tell her it was shot on a phone.

“No daddy, you’re right. And since you asked, I will take a brand new A9II with all the bells and whistles instead for my Snapchat...”

This is the most simple music video ever. I’m shocked how many people are upset that “they used profession lights and crew” to pull this off. If anything, I’m upset they did use professional lights since this could have been completely shot and produced for less than $1000 in rental gear.

Another interesting thing is it seems the BTS shot of her at the piano was never in the video, unless I missed it.

The end of the world will be shot on an iPhone...

A Camera that is10000000000X better then any camera from the 1990's MTV music videos shot a video in to days world!!!! LETS FREAK OUT!!!! Who cares!!!!! you could have shot that entire video on a RED Epic and had a billion dollar budget. Shes a black and white image with a black background...... CRAZY !

It looks good but the quality of tones on her face seem to be lacking.

Looks like a poorly edited student film

Oh seems the trend for music video is phone now. Well as for me, I used a Huawei P30 Pro for our a music video Dance in the Rain by Cosmic Angels

The video is too simple to really judge how the phone performs. At the risk of stating the obvious, it's just a marketing ploy just so they can say "Shot on iPhone."

So when you say Selena Gomez Shot Her New Music Video Entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro, do you mean Selena herself shot the content for her music video or a highly trained team of pro videographers shot, edited and produced the music video for her???

Lets see. Get latest IPhone. Turn on phone, then adjust camera to "black and white" setting. Point at face. Press record while horrible song is being performed by Face. Ok, i think i got it.

Music comes always first. So I would never ever watch this video to the end after the first ten seconds of listening. I don't care for the camera used. It is the content and this one is quite boring (music aside) along with all its transitions and its very flat and smooth look.

this one was shot on the iphone 11 pro and its pretty good

All weekend I’ve been looking at sample footage from prosumer video cameras in the $1500-$3000 range (i.e. the cheap ones) and this along with the Selena Gomez video look like complete garbage by comparison. This is viewing primarily on an iPhone 8 Plus for the people who say you can’t really tell on a phone. Why every camera and camcorder manufacturer have not immediately done ad campaigns calling BS on all of Apple’s photo-related ads is beyond me.

Hi spam, you can piss off now.