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New Lady Gaga Music Video Shot Entirely on iPhone 11 Pro, Director Praises Its Shooting Capabilities

Lady Gaga has returned with new solo music for the first time in over three years. In what seems to be an increasing trend among major music artists, the track’s accompanying video was shot entirely with the new iPhone 11 Pro, something the director says allowed the team to "capture footage in a loose, fun way they wouldn't usually be able to."

Taking to Twitter to promote the new clip, the singer has been using the well-known hashtag #ShotOniPhone within all her posts.

The footage features clips shot with a drone, with full dance routines, and special lighting effects added into the background.


Director Daniel Askill said:

[The iPhone 11 Pro] creates a lot of new possibilities and freedoms for us to explore. We were really able to use the small scale of the iPhone during some of the shoot. We had the steadicam going, but then the DP jumped on a handheld iPhone, and we had a few of them going at once. We were able to capture an amount of coverage in a loose, fun way that we wouldn't have usually been able to.

All in all, the advances in mobile phone video are undeniable. The iPhone 11 Pro has received praise for the improvements to its video quality versus the iPhone XS.

It follows a similar campaign by fellow pop star Selena Gomez last year, as she partnered with Apple for the rollout of her comeback track. The setup included professional standard lighting and an iPhone 11 Pro.

Check out the clip for yourself above. Do you think an iPhone is legitimate enough to shoot a major label-funded music video? Would you consider using one in your own work?

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Well, it is a lady Gaga video, how much worse could it get?

Not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?

That looks so cheezy. So far, just based off the Shot on iPhone articles on here, this still is best, IMO:




I am sure it makes wonderful real estate videos

Stupid Love indeed.

With alot of light panel, make lighting so bright and even, i dare to say that even a 1080p webcam will get great result

Horrible. What is worse, the music, her mickey mouse voice or the video? How do they even dare publish this?

I tend to be a Gaga fan, but this music video was just so-so. Apple though, their marketing strategy is really good with getting celebs/musicians on board to shoot videos. It was a win-win on both hers and Apples end because she gets the music video, they get content on both a video and iTunes level to promote their product and create buzz around it with that hashtag. Though most consumers aren't going to have the rig these guys had or even in every other video they've shot like this(Modern Family, Selena Gomez etc...). But Apple knows what they are doing, esp given how many videos young consumers are watching/creating in apps like TikTok and IG. Make them think they can produce work like this with just one iphone and you will see a swarm of them flock to stores to buy the latest model, even so far as to sit outside overnight and wait for it.

This is exactly my train of thoughts: I also remembered Selena's music video shot on iPhone. Apple knows how to promote themselves and I liked your remark about young people thinking an iProduct is enough to create a content. Putting the music video aside (I'm not Gaga's fan nor do I know much about her music since Bad Romance time), it was a smart move.

Just looked at the behind the scene... quote "It's so cool the kids can copy it too"

yea.. right.... you just need couple 100 grand worth of steady cam equipment, 5 or so iPhones, professional lighting, drones, sound, crew, set, wardrobe etc.

I'd be more interested in the "behind, behind the scenes" where we see the editor get the files and gets frustrated immensely with lighting, color grading, lacking of raw files, etc. where he/she would normally have 8K raw footage to work with.

From what I can tell this video is quite "safe"..
All of it is well lit, it's without any depth of field so you barely have to worry about focus. the only real challenge is the fast movement of the dance, but at 60fps almost any camera can do that. There isn't a lot here to actually 'challenge' the camera and to make it that special that it was shot on an iPhone.
there is no low light, no darkness/nighttime, no depth of field, etc where the iPhone would be lacking compared to the high end stuff.

But there is something off about the video, it seems low quality, but that probably has far more to do with the piss poor CGI of the set and the weird "green screen" feel it all has. Especially in the wide drone shots.

Either way, there is no denying that you can make great videos and photo's without needing the highest and most expensive cameras out there. I'm just not sure if I need these types of videos to work a little too much or hard as an advert for a company.

when I see small creators use iPhones for amazing content I'm just in awe.
here it just feels like a missed opportunity where you look at the video and think, "yea.. probably would have looked better if they went for the high end stuff, it's not like they don't have the budget for it" and just makes it feel like a heavily sponsored gimmick.

This just in: Sensor and Lens capture video! More at 6.

I wonder if these comments would be as negative if it was an Android phone being used.

For me, would not have made a difference. It's still shit video quality. What amazes (or not) me is between Lady Gaga, her label, and Apple, they probably had tons of resources and funding, and that's the best they can do? In contrast, I'm sure Lindsey Stirling and team don't have what Lady Gaga and team has, but, a lot of their videos are top notch.


Only Apple consistently plugs it's phones like this, this shit has been going on for years, where have you been?

Nothing like the opportunity for getting a bit of apple bashing in anyway is there. I went out to grab some shots yesterday and in a completely stupid moment I left my camera at home... armed with an iPhone I managed to take a landscape shot that’s sharp, detailed and more than adequate, there is no denying the latest gen iPhones have amazing photography and video capabilities.

But let’s avoid all the above and just slag them off for the sake of it.

...and? What does that have to do with Apple constantly making plugs like this for well over a decade now? I don't remember how many times I've seen this tired old schtick, it's a running joke now.

So you are angry about a company marketing it products, that’s amazing. I’m not a ‘fan’ of any particular brand of tech so I dorm really care what they do.

First you asked if comments would be as negative if it was an Android phone being used. I told you only Apple continually makes plugs like this, and why you never seemed to notice.

Then you started proclaiming that I'm bashing it because I said that, and how you shot a great pic with your iPhone.

Then I said I've been seeing this tired shtick for over a decade, and you tell me I'm angry because of it, and proclaim you're product agnostic and don't really care, when your entire thread has obviously been about defending Apple for making this tired old shtick.

Lets be straight here, i havent accused 'you' of doing anything... i said there is Apple bashing every time their products are mentioned in articles.

I have an iphone, and an Android phone (for work), i like both and can see why each person would like particular brand. The same goes for computers, i have 2 macbooks and 3 Windows PCs, again both are good.

The way of the world these days is for any sort of success to be met with derision and i guess Apple are just the top of that tree.

With regards to the video, the music is shit, Lady Gaga is shit and the video is not to my taste, having said that there is no denying that showing off the power of a modern Smartphone by being able to achieve this is still exceptional whether we like the content or not. I was looking back at an old phone i used to own several years ago, it was a top of the range (at the time) Nokia 8800... it had a 2MP camera in it, the progression of phones since then to the point of doing 4K video and 120fps slow motion is nothing short of amazing.

But hey a few people on fStoppers dont agree so it must be crap.

Let me fix the title for you: Lady Gaga offsets video production costs with iPhone ad.

I like it.

The press corps at the 2024 Olympics will be dumping all their Canons and Nikons and will be shooting the events with an iPhone...

If they want to get rid of some Nikon equipment, I know a guy who could use it . . .

You know iPhone is only for self-righteous, good people. Bad people are not allowed to have it, lol

Please stop posting articles that are clearly add campaign (unless you are getting paid...)

I wanted to appreciate the low tech attempt but the story line and cheesy costumes made me stop it at :44.

They couldn't be "loose and fun" with cameras?

When are people going to realize that it is not the sensor, but the light that makes great images and videos.

Apparently the vid was shot in a studio. I wonder how iPhone would perform outdoors with changing light conditions. That is why professionals use professional equipment to fully control shadows/highlights in post-production

it`s not about the phone it`s all about the lighting.

It's probably just me, but why do Apple fans feel the need to always specify the make, model, version and all that in the headline of something they posted? Not talking solely about this video, but as a creator I only share that irrelevant information if specifically asked.

Because they're used to conversing in advertisements.

-Sent from my iPhone

LOL - nice one.

First off. Absolutely bad music video.
Second off. We don't really know how much video editing been done behind the scene.

That being said, just imagine how a video produktion like this would look, it it was done on an iPhone 6.
That came out in 2014, so only 8 years ago.
How good did you phone take video 8 years ago?

2014 you say? Bentley did a short documentary using the 5s and edited on an iPad Air. Granted, was not a music video, but, the concept of filmography still comes into play.


Story: https://nofilmschool.com/2014/05/new-ad-for-bentley-shot-on-iphone-5s

So, for 2020, if one were to shoot a video and to promote Shot on iPhone as some kind of badge of honor, there is literally no excuse for such shitty videos like Lady Gaga's.

Now that was a nice video.

The only reason people are upset with this is because they know it is shot on an iPhone.
If nobody had tolled them that this was shot on a phone, they would never know and that is what is impressive, like it or not.

I still have a 6s and I film Lady Gagga music videos on it all the time.

It looks like a low-quality video.

Cool, spam. You can piss off now.