iPhone 11 Pro Used to Create Impressive Snowball Fight Commercial for Apple

A successful Hollywood director created what is arguably some of the best snowball fight footage the world has ever seen in a new commercial for Apple.

The video was all done with an iPhone 11 Pro, which is becoming less and less far fetched with the specs and capabilities increasing the way they are. David Leitch, director of the box office hit "John Wick," was hired by Apple, and based on the epic results, did not disappoint. The spot, called "Snowbrawl," is full of creative and dramatic shots that are given the over-the-top action movie treatment.

You can see in the behind the scenes video that no expense was spared, and shooting the spot involved a talented team, probably trained actors, and a good amount of planning. The result is a top-notch and impressive demonstration of the power of today's flagship iPhone. While some people may still reach for the shenanigans card due to all the money involved, the footage captured by the device is stunning and worthy of bragging about a little.

Being a Western New Yorker, I've been in a number of actual snowball fights. Just thinking about being a kid and laughing while freezing and out of breath is a wonderful memory for anyone and a perfect heartstring for Apple's marketing team to target.

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Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Damn, that was pretty damn cool. Even the 'making of' video was cool.

Fristen Lasten's picture

Yeah. I think it was around 30 degrees.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Oh, hell no. It was cooler than that.

Paul Farace's picture

Damn, that was good!

Fristen Lasten's picture

Big Budget. Crew alone looked like $500k.

Motti Bembaron's picture

True. So you have a professional crew, actors, professional lighting and props, any lawly smartphone or point and shoot could have done exactly the same.

But people are easily impressionable and Apple knows that very well.

And I am sure the director "liked' the idea, I am also sure he liked his fat pay cheque even more :-)

D D's picture

Why so salty. At least someone is getting paid for video and photography in an age when most people shoot for free.

Motti Bembaron's picture

You misunderstood me. By all means, I hope he charged an arm and a leg.

D D's picture

It proves that more than just the camera goes into making video/imagery. So tired of all the arguments of "but the camera doesn't have this or that." So what. Just get out and create something with what you've got.

Sean Scarmack's picture

You're not serious are you? Try doing this with no BIG budget production and let me know how it works out. Better yet, I'll hire you to reproduce it by yourself. Please contact me and we'll discuss payment.

David Love's picture

Comments disabled so nobody can ask for a video of the post work.

Fritz Asuro's picture

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro

*Hollywood production not included

Chase Wilson's picture

That was easily the best commercial I’ve seen all year. One of the best I’ve ever seen. I wish all advertisements were like that.

Robert Altman's picture

Proves that the camera is one of the least important aspects of creating great visuals! And- by the time you add up cost of the crew/all of the other grip/lighting equipment/post-production adding in an Alexa and a smaller 'crash cam' with lenses would have been less than the catering budget (while improving final deliverable quality and color grading flexibility). That's why it would be penny-wise and pound-foolish to actually use an iPhone on a production such as this (unless the 'pennies' are coming from Apple!)

Fritz Asuro's picture

Camera is as important...

Deleted Account's picture

Still amazed after a few viewings of the commercial. Just a stunning filming and edit.