iPhone 4S's Response To The Original Fstoppers iPhone Photoshoot

Columbus, Ohio based photographer Nick Fancher just released a video today of his version of the Lee Morris's original iPhone photoshoot. Not a dollar was spent on location, extra lenses, MUAs, models ... all was done for trade and was shot only with the iPhone 4S and a reflector. Nick used Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express in phone to edit all of his images. Enjoy!

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the funny thing is - the photos looked a hundred times better before they were edited, after editing they just looked like regular iphone photos with instagram filters.

I agree. The cool blue washed out feel isn't quite my style.

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if you're going for a particular vibe then it can work perfectly but it was way too constrasty and the water looked disgusting! like it was bucket filled in microsoft Paint or something :P

Agreed, a subtle cinematic 1960's toning would have made this dolce-vita/italian reviera look work. The end product doesn't work, looks like any other instagram shot to me.

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if you're going for a particular vibe then it can work perfectly but it was way too constrasty and the water looked disgusting! like it was bucket filled in microsoft Paint or something :P

Even just soop looks great!


These are very ordinary images of attractive people.  All this proves is that gear does matter.

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photography is all about capturing beauty. All of your thousands of dollars of gear wouldn't mean anything if your subject was completely unappealing. I've seen Terry Richardson capture a better photo of Kate Upton with a single speedlite that was far more exceptional than a sports illustrated photographer with diffusers, strobes, etc etc. Although gear is nice and does aid in what you're trying to accomplish, it doesn't matter.

Diandra, I'm not sure we disagree.  You do need an appealing subject and, as I pointed out, this photog had some.  You suggest that the person with the most gear doesn't necessarily make the best image.  I completely agree.  What I said was that gear *does* matter or, as you put it, "it does aid in what you're trying to accomplish."  A real camera and a single speedlite could have made all the difference in this case. 

Putting it another way, Nick had everything he needed to make great images in this situation—except the gear.  This clearly limited him and it shows in the results.  Or do you think these images are amazing?  I do not.

I agree. He should have just let the images as they were.  Gear does not matter, is just like they say its not the car is the driver. its not the camera is the photographer.

Gear does not matter. Only photoshop does. LOL

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The original iphone ps results were way better

should've shot with instagram instead...saves a few minutes and gets similar results... seriously though, not a big fan of the washed out colors, a bit over-done

I saw this a while back on fstoppers, literally the exact same thing. A follow up to your iphone shoot with a iphone and reflector http://fstoppers.com/a-new-iphone-fashion-shoot-to-silence-the-haters. This guy stole the idea, and didn't even do nearly as good of a job. How lame, please stop with the iPhone crap already! Images were actually ok until they were instagrammified! Please move on with the iPhone stuff, and stop posting stuff that has already been done.

 wattabad pics

Did you hear the one about the eskimo and the polar bear? I would have expected this in the wednesday rundown actually....

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He did great, right up until he edited out the nice look, and gave it a shitty look.

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Awesome. There are no apps for awesome photographers. The iPhone proves nothing; Lee Morris and Nick Fancher are among so many others out there, are proof that the gear doesn't matter.

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More one awesome job by Nick Fancher!

These photos were terrible

Come on folks let's quite trying to justify the iPhone as a camera and just call it what it is a PHONE with a camera for taking snapshots. So over people trying to convince the world that the iphone is a CAMERA.

The edited versions look gawd awful, not that the unedited versions were all that great.  Apparently equipment does matter.

im impressed Nick did so much post processing,  usually he made great pictures, but i didn't like these ones 

its art you idiots not every one has the same taste and style instagram or not it was his creation and not stock instagram why are you idiots are even on this site if your going to critique a professional i bet you use your moms t2i and call your self a photographer .

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Except, if 10 out of 10 people, all with an eye for photography, don't like them, that might mean they aren't that good. Art or not.

All this proves is that a PHOTOGRAPHER, can be a photographer with an iphone (or any camera for that matter), not just anyone. You still have to know what you are doing with a camera. I lose more work because people think they don't have to pay for a photographer, cause their cousin will shoot it with his digital camera for free.

I agree that the photos after editing, look all the more like crappy phone camera pictures.

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The reason this debate about phones as 'real' cameras will never be settled is simple: it depends on what you are doing. When I'm doing wide-angle scenic shots, my iPhone works a treat, but when I'm doing 5 shot bracketing for an HDR night shot, not so much. 

Everyone tries to make questions like this black and white, where there are many shades of grey in between. Even carpenters have different hammers for different purposes.

The images were 100x better as originally shot. 

Wow, a lot of people missing the point of the video...