Adobe Launches Photoshop Touch on Smartphones

Previously only available on tablets, Adobe just announced that their mobile fully-loaded editing software is now available on both Android and iOS smartphones. Though there are a number of mobile photo editing choices like Snapseed, Camera Awesome or Instagram, the paid Photoshop App has many of the functions you've grown to love about Photoshop, but in the palm of your hand.

Adobe touts Photoshop Touch as having "Photoshop features. Mobile Convenience." That means that you get to keep the core Photoshop features like layers, advanced selection tools, adjustments and, of course, what photo app would be complete without filters.

Photoshop Touch for phone is available for iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch (5th generation), and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.

So, in a nutshell, here is what to expect out of Photoshop Touch for phone:

  • Exclusive "Scribble Select" for high-precision- even using a finger (which is good since that's probably what you'll be using)
  • Work on high-resolution images while maintaining highest quality. Supports images up to 12 megapixels with 3 layers, more layers with lower resolution images (That's actually quite impressive)
  • Exclusive Camera fill for live blending of layers, selections, and blend modes using your device’s camera
  • Use paint strokes, unique filters like Color Drops, and special effects like Lens Flare (Cuz we all need more lenz flarez)
  • Share images to Facebook, Twitter or via email (Let's be honest, you're going to share that photo if you spent time editing it)


Now I know many of you are angry at the Creative Cloud, but I am pretty darn satisfied with it. Photoshop Touch connects with those of us who use Creative Cloud and can automatically sync projects among all linked devices (phone, tablet, and computer) using free access to Adobe Creative Cloud (2GB of free storage). That means you can start a project on a smartphone, continue on a tablet and then finish on a computer (Or the other way around). Would you ever do this? I have no idea. I probably wouldn't. But the fact remains that you can.

You can download Photoshop touch for your iPhone through the App Store or Android-powered smartphone on Google Play for $5.

So the condensed fact is, now you never have to be without Photoshop. What are your thoughts? Going to rock the post production on the go? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jaron Schneider is an Fstoppers Contributor and an internationally published writer and cinematographer from San Francisco, California. His clients include Maurice Lacroix, HD Supply, SmugMug, the USAF Thunderbirds and a host of industry professionals.

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Any idea if it will be launched for Windows Mobile?

No word yet but I hope so. Windows phones are getting more and more popular. 

I have an honest question: Why would you do that?

I am not trying to be the jerky poster, I honestly can't see a scenario where using Photoshop on my phone would be a good idea. The only time I can see it being useful is as a way to display Psd files (so you don't have to convert them). I can't imagine 'working' an image on my phone.

Anyone got any idea why (or how) this could be used?

One of those crazy things we do, cause technology allows us.

Or one of those crazy instances where your preferences put you outside the target market, but there are plenty of others out there in the proletariat who would use it? Even Stalin understands supply and demand.

 I admit I am not the target. That is the reason I am honestly asking when, how, or why would someone use this? I am actually curious.

Personally, I use it to edit out those individuals who I've sent to the gulag from my cell phone pictures, as well as correct white balance, maybe quickly layer in a generic picture of the proletariat celebrating in front of the know, the usual.

This is a great option both in cost and availability to access all of Adobe's products. It makes sence, but we will see if it catches on.

Nobody has time to edit photos on mobile phones. Who does that? I mean Instagram is an exception ....

I am using it on a nexus 7 with a stylus. It's just great!

I use the the free version of Adobe on the iPhone, when I want to remove the noise, I have to pay for it... BUT I have better way of using the free version in full for removing noise, do the action and enlarge the screen the part I want and make a screen capture of the image and re crop it....

Therefor I don't pay for using only one feature of Adobe on the iPhone 4 S...

Wish that Snapseed can do a major update in that part of removing noise....