Photographer Narrowly Escapes Crocodile Attack

Would you ever turn your back on a river full of roaming crocodiles while your cohorts chucked food into the water? I wouldn't either, but this photographer at the “Crocodile Bridge” over the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica, got a close look at one of the river beasts while perched in the grass.

Robert Capa said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” This might be an exception to that rule.

What do you think about him pushing the boundary?

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Edgar Pereira's picture

Wow, brave but stupid! Just one small slip and he's crocodile fodder! But I'm sure he got some good time, just use a telephoto lens and stay further back!

Henry Fan's picture

link for the photos?

John Dewberry's picture

If I ever risk my life to get a photograph, I hope it turns out a little better than that.

Sander Martijn's picture

wrong photos - those are screengrabs from the video camera or shots someone else took from similar vantage. This guy is David Clow, the photographer that almost got minced was Antonio Ruiz - his work is here but no crocodiles:

Andres Trujillo's picture

totally stupid, and a big Problem in Costa Rica, people feeding/baiting this animals are making them associate humans with food, making this a nightmare scenario for conservationist (not to mention the general public). The guy was a fucking idiot, and may Darwin have his way with him next time

Charles Coleman's picture

I agree with almost everything you said execpt the Darwin part...should never wish anything that bad on anyone

Andres Trujillo's picture

Perspective, it may be bad for him (so lets forget for a minute that HE put himself on a high risk/low return situation), but it would be OK for the Croc...

Jokes aside, this animals will attack someone at some point due to people conditioning them to approach humans for a meal. Had it been him, at least I would have the peace of mind that it attacked a person who was ACTIVELY baiting him, instead of someone who just wanted to dip their feet in the water (Because it is fucking hot in Costa Rica).

Choke_you_Harder's picture

They were moving in on him. How many did you see at first? 3? 4? The ones coming in for the flanking maneuver?

malia's picture

Who cares about the photographer? I really want to slap those people who were throwing things at the crocodiles.

Andrew's picture

No photo is worth your life and what he did was extremely stupid. He clearly has a death wish and next time it just might come true.

Mbutu Namubu's picture

These are the kinds of pictures that will someday soon be taken by drones.

There's fearless (I like to believe I am) and then there's stupid F@#%! And Ed this is not even brave, it's reckless....

Madara Ranawake's picture

heeey stupid Antonioooo ... come up here ... come up here.

Albert Manduca's picture

Yeah what a shit show. Feeding crocodiles, risking your life for a terrible shot (probably to look cool), no escape route, geeez. Amateur hour over there, and I dont mean for photography I mean for life in general, you're doing it wrong people..

these ppl are idiots

David Gilmour's picture

I think that a more appropriate headline would be, "Crocodile Narrowly Misses Well Deserved Meal".

Stephen Devlin's picture

I was thinking this.

noname's picture

Get a zoom lens you idiot.

Robbie Barratt.'s picture

If everyone else had of shut up, instead of screaming and balling. Then he would most likely have been okay.

Fhateandbethere's picture

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” This might be an exception to that rule"

You realize he died on a land mine, right?

Ted Lee's picture

I was rooting for the Croc to have a nice meal of tattooed man. What an idiot.

Mike Diblicek's picture

Complete idiot. Obviously trying to impress the girlfriend.

Jamie Fulbrook's picture

What a fool. He deserves a slap in the face. And whats with all the throwing food and sticks? Two blatent displays of disrespect for animal and nature. The need to learn to tread lightly and leave no trace. Bad form.

zmanphoto's picture

Robert Capa also got too close to a landmine and died.

FStoppers ! Your quickly becoming YouTube with a hole lot of non related minute clips.
What happened with your idea of sharing and learning about photography ? "Nada que ver"

Osvaldo Rivera Vazquez's picture

This video could work for an ad on telephoto lenses.

"Don't be like Antonio, buy a telephoto zoom lens".

Brendan McCarthy's picture

Not smart. Was there last year and got this shot of a post-swimming Iguana downstream of the bridge. This dude will not live past 30 it seems