ACD Systems Releases Huge New Update for ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018

ACD Systems Releases Huge New Update for ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018

Buying a new camera can be a very exciting thing, and most of us probably can't wait to see how good images from the new camera are compared to the old. The problem is whether or not your current raw editing software supports your new camera. Fortunately, ACD systems have released a great new update to their photo managing and raw editing software, ACDSee Photo Studio. The new Ultimate 2018 software is a fantastic alternative to some of the other raw editing platforms, and provides some very intuitive and useful file managing features. The latest update to this software further improves it and makes it a very viable option for working professionals.

The latest update not only includes support for some of the new cameras listed below, but also provides improvements to existing features to help with your editing experience. Key features include the ability to preview clone and heal edits made to your image.

Raw Support Update

Added support for the following camera models:

  • Canon EOS M100
  • Fujifilm X-E3
  • Hasselblad X1D-50c
  • Nikon D850
  • Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mark III
  • Sony RX10 IV

View the complete list of supported raw formats.

Features Improvements

  • Added Heal and Clone preview in Repair tool in Edit mode.
  • Added support for Fujifilm X-Trans DNG.
  • Improved DNG support for multiple cameras.
  • Added Cancel Develop Mode keyboard shortcut.

Other improvements include better backwards compatibility for actions, and also improved the quality of the Liquify tool when feathering is high. 

To view the complete list of improvements, please see the ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018 Update 1 release notes: ultimate-2018/release- notes/2018-1

From personal experience, a couple of my favorite things about ACDSee are that I haven't noticed any significant slowdown in performance, especially when editing high-resolution files. This has been something I've struggled with when using raw editing software from other companies. The other great feature that I enjoy is the ability to use custom ICC profiles within the software, which makes managing color and editing much easier for me. 

Pricing for this software is $149.00 for a lifetime license. Alternatively, you can buy a subscription for $69/year, which provides users access to regular updates and upgrades. The program is currently only available for Windows-based computers.

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Usman Dawood's picture

Not at the moment, unfortunately.

I received a notification on Dec.1st that ACDSee PhotoStudio for Mac 4 is available and it does indeed show up as available for download in my ACDSee 365 account. Can't try it as I don't have a Mac.
It also shows up on their home page
Hope this helps.

Allen Freeman's picture

I used to use ACDSee all the time back in the day. Shame they don't have this for the Mac.

Hiram Baasch's picture

Tried the Mac version: buggy.

Usman, thank you for the ACDsee comments. I have been using ACDsee for about a year. I find it uncommon for someone in professional architecture to use something other than LR/PS. It is refreshing! Do you use it as a dedicated software, or one of your options? I still have LR just because if I ever want to collaborate, I feel it will likely be expected. Fairly new to the industry and still learning.