Apple Releases Holiday and Winter Collection of Shot on iPhone Images

Apple Releases Holiday and Winter Collection of Shot on iPhone Images

Just in time for the holidays, Apple has released a new series of holiday and winter-themed photos shot with only the iPhone XR and iPhone XS, and the images are impressive.

From low-light images, to portraits, and even landscapes, Apple has pulled a variety of images posted on social media using the hashtag #shotoniphone to highlight and show off the newest set of iPhone camera features.

Getting better and more impressive each year, these camera features include Smart HDR, showing more detail in highlights and shadows, the beloved portrait mode that creates background blur, otherwise known as bokeh, and the improved camera sensors, allowing for better low-light photographs.

Just a quick glance at the #shotoniphone thread on Instagram displays a wide array of impressive and inspiring photos shot by hobbyists and professionals alike. Making photography accessible for anyone anywhere, Apple has even created an entire page of tutorials with tips and tricks for taking photos with the iPhone.

With such easy access to so much inspiration and the tools to create, don’t be surprised if in a few years you hear industry leaders talk about how they began their photography journey on a smart phone.

Lead Image by Erin Brooks, @ErinBrooks.

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What a time to be alive!

"Impressive"? Are you sure? Not bad but not great either. They still look like phone photos to me...which is fine but let's not get carried away. lol!