B&H Video Accessories Sale Offers an Array of Stocking Stuffers

B&H Video Accessories Sale Offers an Array of Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is only a few weeks away which means that you are probably procrastinating so that you can experience the magnificent panic of last minute shopping. Perhaps this could be the year you mitigate that stress by getting your shopping done early in the month! B&H Photo is helping out with a big sale on a large variety of small video accessories (along with a few larger ones).

Video Lights

Whether you are looking to make that annual cheesy holiday family video to send to all your friends or just want to boost the production value of that YouTuber that you know, one of the best ways to "brighten" someone's holiday is with a few new lights. The LitraTorch is a fantastic and very small video light designed to fit in the pocket or mount on virtually any sort of gear. It is particularly great for anyone looking to shoot action sports in low light as it is designed to be near invincible and for the next few days also happens to be 25% off. Alternatively, if you are more after an ultra-portable video blog setup that includes a shotgun mic with built-in lighting the RotoLight Sound is a really solid option and is currently 60% off.

SD Cards

Budding cinematographers can never have enough storage space when shooting as larger and larger video resolutions continue to pack cards full at an ever-increasing rate. An SD card (or ten) fit beautifully into the toe of even the smallest stocking which makes them an excellent surprise that you know will be put to great use. The SanDisk 64gb Extreme Plus is enjoying a respectable 33% off while Sony's larger 256gb card is 15% off. You can also pick up SanDisk's 64gb Extreme MicroSDXC at 30% off.


You may need to get an awfully big stocking if you want to stuff it with a full-size gimbal but if you truly want to make a budding filmmaker's Christmas morning an awesome one wrap up a gimbal for them and sneak it under the tree. The Glidecam Centurion is on sale for 50% off which amounts to $900 in savings! Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit smaller the  CAME-TV Handheld Gimbal is also almost half off.

Happy Holidays!

The B&H Photo video accessory sale only lasts until December 9th so better get a move on before you miss out. The variety of video toys on sale is reasonably broad and not limited to what is listed here. There are notable savings in tripods, monitors, camera bags, mics, and more. If you or one of your loved ones has a passion for video there is something for everyone. You can find the full list of sale items over at B&H Photo

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Not sure what kind of stocking you have, but I don't think a $900 gimbal will fit in mine...those SD cards, however, just might :)

Lead image- show 6 items.

Article- Show 3 items, two of which are over $500. I guess the stocking would be the gift this year.