Boris Johnson's Disgraced Right-Hand Man Criticizes UK Paparazzi for Breaking Social Distancing Rules While Reporting

Boris Johnson's Disgraced Right-Hand Man Criticizes UK Paparazzi for Breaking Social Distancing Rules While Reporting

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Chief Adviser has been facing heat this week after he was caught repeatedly flouting lockdown. However, even more criticism has been heaped on the UK’s press, after several videos emerged of huge swarms of paparazzi photographers defying social distancing guidelines after they clustered together, each attempting to get the best shot.

The photographers have been gathering outside Chief Adviser Dominic Cummings’ home while media coverage of the scandal has been underway. It’s alleged Cummings repeatedly left home and drove hundreds of miles to visit family during the same period he and his political party were telling the public it’s imperative they stay home. At one point, his wife was ill with coronavirus when the family traveled.

As he faces increasing pressure to resign, Cummings has lashed out at the UK press for their handling of the coverage. Returning to his home one night earlier this week, he told the journalists and photographers they should "stick to the rules." Given the attention that the situation is drawing, there have been numerous occasions in which photographers gathered outside the home have defied guidelines in regards to COVID-19, with many calling out their actions as hypocritical, given what it is they’re reporting on.

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Stuart Carver's picture

Whilst Cummings is a prize prat, it certainly didn’t go unnoticed that the very people trying so hard to stitch him up were breaking the exact same rules he was accused of.

Oh and it’s nice to see one of my favourite photo spots getting in the news at least, just hope it doesn’t attract the ‘gram’ crowd and ruin the place.

Lee Christiansen's picture

He wasn't stitched up - he broke the rules. And the clear timeline of events proves exactly how there were no "special circumstances" at the time he jumped into his car and put his small child at enhanced risk by everyone staying in an enclosed car for 5 hrs with someone exhibiting COVID symptoms.

Alas, we are seeing many many people breaking rules here in the UK, (now an enhanced risk as people watch government officials break those rules).

But those people breaking the rules aren't claiming they should also be allowed to make decisions on what 60 million other people should be allowed to do regarding COVID.

It's very simple really - if people (Cummings included), want to break the rules and avoid public scrutiny, then just avoid telling everyone else what to do. Cummings has / had this choice but now he wants to do both. Sorry Dom, you have to choose one or the other and oops, you've already chosen, so you should leave.

As to whether we should be critiquing the press for being too close to each other, let's also think of stones and glass houses here... If we're to criticise them, then we also need to switch off the news and stop buying the papers, go no where near their on-line feeds and wait until they can cover a story where they can keep their distance. Unwilling to do that, and we need to bite our collective tongues a bit.

Stuart Carver's picture

Firstly, my newsfeed on my tablet is mainly based around things I’m interested in, not Political bullshit or scandals so I’m well within my rights to say what I want about those rats. Secondly I have zero sympathy for Cummings and I never actually said he was stitched up, I said these people were trying to stitch him up, by the fact they are crowded outside his house jostling for position to try and ask their loaded questions to get him to slip.

I can’t stand conservatives and even less so privileged tossers from upper class farming communities like Dominic Cummings. You completely misread my comment.

Stuart Carver's picture

I also don’t break rules, or haven’t broke any rules during lockdown, I’m a key worker who has had to go to work in a busy environment each day and so far I’ve managed to avoid catching this virus so I don’t really need a lecture on what the rules are and how to maintain them.

Bernie Bros's picture

What a biased headlines. “.Disgraced”, lol. Pathetic.

Alfonse Diantonio's picture

Mr. Bros I see you make comments on pages and then you never respond to questions. And then you use angry words all the time.

It is very rude And strange. I wonder.. are you here just to throw out youre opinions and not be in a community? Like a spoiled kiddo looking for attention? Or maybe you are a coward? Either way you are lost and I hope you find love and strength! I will pray for you to not be so sad of a person!

With kindness,

Alex Herbert's picture

I've noticed a lot of people's speech patterns change since a certain special someone took office. Seems they're dumbing themselves down (or perhaps not) to ape his Twitter style musings. Always signing off with "sad" or "pathetic". It's a real cult of personality.

Daris Fox's picture

Welcome to being part of the MSM witch hunt (also colloquially known as the Cummings Derangement Syndrome), I'd expect a photographic website to steer clear of what's essentially volatile political situation driven by those that hate Cummings and also those who wish to remain in the EU.

The police have vindicated his actions and if you're going to vilify someone please ensure you drag the five labour MPs, 2 SNP members and the 4 Lib Dems some of which breached the guidelines on a far more severe level. Such as some names I can pull off the top of my head:

Frederick Herron
Stephen Kinnock
Vaughan Getting
Tali Ali
Ian Blackford

Then you have Neil Gaiman who flew from NZ.

Add the dozens of reporters/camera crews actually harassing his family and the public protesting outside his house. If you want his scalp you'd better be prepared to take all those, otherwise you'd be as guilty of the same hypocrisy as you're accusing Cumming's of being. From the polls 30% of the population in the UK has breached the guidelines at some point.

Oh and Cummings was cleared by the police, the only breach was a minor transgression for travelling to Barnham Castle. So stop being the judge and jury, that's a very slippery slope. You may hate him but don't trying act as you're the law. He put family first, which was in the Government guidelines pre-dating his journey.

Frankly the naked hatred and biased reporting has been an embarrassment especially when there has been far more important stories this week.

Stuart Carver's picture

He was talking absolute shit about what he was doing though and surely you aren’t naive enough to believe he was ‘putting family first’? He is just another arrogant privileged tosser who thinks he doesn’t have to live by the same conditions as the rest of the nation.

You can call out whoever you like from the different political parties but let’s not start trying to excuse his actions.

And for the record it’s Barnard Castle, and it’s a great place for photography (I assume that’s why you are on this site)

Stuart Carver's picture

Just to add the article above is largely sticking up for Cummings and highlighting the hypocrisy of the journalists so not sure you should be ranting at fstoppers for playing judge and jury, read the last paragraph

Graham Goodman's picture

It reminds me of the TV journalist who recently asked a YouTuber if he thought it was appropriate to be out filming about the impact of lockdown on central London for his YouTube channel. The irony that the TV journalist was doing exactly the same thing was completely lost on them.

Unfortunately, the only thing more hypocritical and self-serving than British politicians are British journalists.

Stuart Carver's picture

This is true, phone hacking being the major case, and the huge case involving Liverpool fans.

Jasper Stone's picture

Last line of last paragraph.

"Given the attention that the situation is drawing, there have been numerous occasions in which photographers gathered outside the home have defied guidelines in regards to COVID-19, with many calling out their actions as hypocritical, given what it is they’re reporting on."

Jason Frels's picture

The thing I don't understand about paparazzi is how many damned pictures of some guy getting out of a car do you need? What story are you trying to tell? Are you just hoping to get lucky and catch him with an odd expression or something. Maybe you enjoy scrolling through hundreds of almost identical photos of the same subject?

Stuart Carver's picture

It’s not really a skill is it, being ignorant and aggressive to your peers in order to get some poorly exposured, poorly composed photo to flog to a tacky tabloid.

Alex Herbert's picture

People love getting sucked into whichever side happens to be currently serving their interests. The Conservative Party are scum, the mainstream media who vilified Corbyn and printed lies about him are scum, and the rest of the Labour Party who'd rather not actually change anything significant about UK politics are scum. And they'll all flip flop and change places like some perverse game of musical chairs, because none of them actually care about politics. The only people really invested in politics are the public, who have no actual control over it.