BTSV of Air Canada's 75th Anniversary Commercial

Director and designer Karmin Zariffa was hired by SpaFax and AirCanada to turn out their promo videos in celebration of AirCanada's 75th anniversary. The spots showcase air hostess uniforms and airplanes used over the years. Karmin used a lot of in camera effects and object building to pull these off and we are thankful to be able to see how he and his team did. Enjoy this BTSV. You can see the final videos in the full post.

Karmin Zariffa: "Definitely the funnest part was the big modular numbers and the frame reveal system for the mannequin. For the air hostess, the mannequin was shot separately from the rest, then all the numbers where in the same shoot, activate by ropes and pulls. The air plane spot was all shot year per year and then matched together."

via [LaughingSquid]

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What is the song in the BTS????  Love it!

Casey's picture

i believe it's called mean son of a gun

George Socka's picture

whats that camera with a canon lens?

Was expecting the BTS, followed by the completed production...

I live here in Canada, I should have known better it would be incomplete !