Build A Kick Ass 4 Foot DIY Ring Light

Build A Kick Ass 4 Foot DIY Ring Light

Philippines portrait photographer Laya Gerlock graces the pages of DIY Photography this week as he demonstrate in great detail how to build a giant, kick ass light ring. Take a look at the sample image and video and if you like what you see head over to DIY Photography for the full tutorial on how to build your own.

Plywood - 4feet x 8 feet
12 bulbs
bulb fixtures
spray paint
1x8 wood (optional)

Drill with Cup

via [DIYPhotography]

Trolls: Ya ya, we know people have been demonstrating how to build these since the advent of the wheel but Lala's efforts deserve to be shared. Besides, what have you done lately? ;P

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Proud of you bro!

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I literally have the exact version of this ring light, but with a smaller size (2ft wide). It took a weekend to build, and I freaking love the results. Here's one sample:

I also built a dimmable CFL ring light about 36" in diameter with 12 bulbs about 5 or 6" apart.  The wiring part was tough to figure out (the first time :).  I actually felt that it was too big and would have added more light bulbs.  I'd like to figure out how to build a circular diffuser to pop over it to make the light softer.  On the other hand I do like the many points of light as a catch light too.  Check out

That was a terrible video that was trying to show off a good product and even better end result.  I was trying to figure out how she made it for the .3 seconds that she showed it.  Would rethink my opinion about this if she shot this over again and showed how all the parts were connected.

1. Laya is a he.
2. Relax
3. Click the link to the DIY page within the article that shows you each step.

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I guess having an degree in computer engineering did kinda come in handy ha. I had no problem whatsoever with the wiring :)

You don't need to be an engineer to get wiring... just read a bit and use your head. 

The only 2 things people usually DON'T do anymore...