California's High Cost of Living Is Pushing Really Right Stuff to Relocate, Big Plans Ahead

California's High Cost of Living Is Pushing Really Right Stuff to Relocate, Big Plans Ahead

High-end tripod and camera support company Really Right Stuff is moving their headquarters and manufacturing operations. They also have big plans coming up for the future.

In a press release, Really Right Stuff announced that the company would be moving from their current location in San Luis Obispo, California and settling down in Lehi, Utah. “We love beautiful San Luis Obispo, but our employees can’t afford to buy a home,” said CEO Joseph M. Johnson, Sr. “The business-friendly environment and low cost of living in Lehi, Utah made it a clear choice for us to best serve our customers and employees long-term.” He also said that most of their current employees would be moving to the new city as well, “keeping our RRS family largely intact.”

Besides the lower cost of living, the new building is also two-and-a-half times larger and will offer the company new product opportunities with a larger workforce. “The move comes with expansion on every level,” I was told by Assistant Product Manager Nathanael Brookshire, “More machines, more people, and more gear.”

At one time, the only way to purchase Really Right Stuff gear was through their website. However, a little over a year ago they had grown to the point where they could stock B&H Photo with their products as well.

Brookshire also mentioned that the company would be “significantly expanding” their manufacturing capability and will have the Utah location in operation before completely shutting down the California facilities. In turn, this should mean minimal interruption to customers.

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels.

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Burke Morris's picture

Nashville seems to be another place Californians are moving to. The influx of people, from all over, into Nashville is driving up the price of real estate to insane levels. My brother was out in Simi Valley for a new job paying close to 2000 bones for what he called a ghetto apartment. He couldn't wait to get out. Left for NC.

dale clark's picture

Nashville and Auston, TX are the two big "trendy" destinations of late.

Matthew Saville's picture

California is moving EVERYWHERE. Just ask Oregon. ;-)

Lee Morris's picture

Well this comment thread went off the rails

Terry Hernlund's picture

Political element + Internet. You can't possibly have expected anything else.

Brett Turnage's picture

I read because it's my state, but yah, it became a mess pretty quick, but should've been expected.

Deleted Account's picture

Hate to say it, Lee, but some of the most innocuous articles on here end up with "off the rails" comment sections. It's starting to ruin the experience of participating on this site.

Lee Morris's picture

You should have seen th comment section a couple years ago when it was open to the anonymous public. WAY worse.

Deleted Account's picture

Oooph! Good thing I didn't then. :) I still love the articles on here. I just need to stop reading the comments sometimes. ;-)

Melanie Griffin's picture

I've recently started thinking about moving. Of course, all depends on money, but I want to choose a good place. Having looked through the prices on real estate (I used, I understood that California is not a choice for me. I should say, I'm glad that I've found this discussion. I've found much useful information here. Thanks for sharing your experience, guys!