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Canon Probably Has an EOS R With an APS-C Sensor Coming, and It Could Be a Beast

Canon Probably Has an EOS R With an APS-C Sensor Coming, and It Could Be a Beast

Ever since Canon announced that it would develop a new line of mirrorless cameras there have been questions as to whether there would be an APS-C version. The rumor mills are now certain that a crop sensor RF mount camera will be coming in late 2021, and it could be a beast.

I wrote back in September that Canon sits slightly awkwardly between two very different mirrorless mounts — RF and M — and reported on vague murmurings that an APS-C R7 would arrive in the second half of 2021.

Canon Rumors has now all but confirmed that this crop-sensor camera is on its way and its suspicions are that this R7 — its likely name — will be a cropped EOS R6. Given that the autofocus on the R5 can allegedly take your birding hit rate from 30% to 90%, nature and sports photographers will be excited to hear this news, as will fans of the EOS 7D Mark II.

The APS-C could make for some interesting video specifications given that it will naturally generate less heat than the full frame sensors in the R5 and R6.

Interestingly — and in line with other snippets of information — Canon Rumor’s source has said that there will not be any RF-S lenses geared specifically towards the physically smaller sensor. This ties in with a couple of lens patents that have hinted towards Canon’s plans, such as an RF 15-70mm f/4-7.1 and a 45-200mm F4-5.6, along with some rumblings about an RF 18-45mm IS STM.

Will you hold out for Canon’s RF APS-C camera? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Vesa Lindgren's picture

It should be R6c?

Carl Marschner's picture

Nope! Got a 90D and I'm just fine with it.

Paul Nicol's picture

It's what I am waiting for.. I have an assortment of aps-c lenses Canon and otherwise that I would like to keep moving along with the nature telephoto. There are reasons I bought into the 7D line. I have the RP at the moment that fills the FF needs. It is not near as fast to use as the 7D nor does it have the features. The cost of the R5 is prohibitive to me.

Matthew Hellman's picture

I hit the ground running with the 7D back when it first came out and upgraded to the 7D Mark II on its release. This line has always been my favorite for its durability, quality and flexibility. I never jumped on board with the 90D being the follow-up of the 7DM2 and honestly believe this upcoming APS-C mirrorless body will be the closest fit. Should it be a true 7D successor, I will certainly be placing a preorder. Yes, I am excited.

JDR 1429's picture

Been a Canon shooter all my photography life. Built up a vast assortment of L lenses. Been a little turned off by the canon cripple hammer and not motivated to spend another fortune on RF glass. Going over to Fuji for a while. We'll see what happens in the Canon world for the next couple of years.