Canon to the Rescue for COVID-19 Tests?

Canon to the Rescue for COVID-19 Tests?

Canon Medical Systems Corporation (Canon Medical) has announced that it is developing a rapid genetic testing system for novel Coronavirus, COVID-19. Working alongside Nagasaki University on the project, developing diagnostic testing kits, it falls under the COVID-19 research program headed by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED).

Many optical specialists and camera imaging companies have medical branches of their business, as we saw in the news just a few days ago over Fujifilm Toyama Chemical's involvement with developing favipiravir to combat the spread of novel Coronavirus. Even Nikon specializes in microscopes that aid the science and medical fields. Now, Canon has contributed to the important fight against COVID-19 and its spread around the globe.

Canon Medical press release:

Canon Medical was selected to participate in this research program in cooperation with
Nagasaki University. This was in recognition of Canon Medical’s strength in leveraging the company’s technologies in delivering practical solutions to support medical emergencies, notably by supplying Ebola rapid test kits to the Republic of Guinea in 2015, 2) donating Ebola rapid test kits to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2019, and through the manufacturing approval and sale of the Genelyzer KIT (a reagent kit for  Zika virus RNA testing) in 2018. 3)

The test and the reagents developed for COVID-19 RNA testing is based on the LAMP
method 4) developed by Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd., and are used with a compact isothermal amplified gene fluorescent detector manufactured by Canon Medical to detect the presence of virus. Compared to the conventional test method of real-time PCR, the LAMP method allows for detection of the virus to be performed more easily and quickly, which makes it suitable for testing in local areas where infection is prevalent.

As Japan continues to battle the spread of infectious diseases, with the Tokyo Olympic Games scheduled to commence in July, Canon Medical is committed to the safety and security of society by introducing practical solutions that address acute medical needs through the research and development of rapid genetic testing systems of COVID-19.

Could this be the time to invest in camera market shares? Or are we better off saving our money for what looks like rough times ahead? 

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Mark Stutzel's picture

Proud member of the Canon Medical Systems America staff here, glad to see they are on the cutting edge of this issue as well! By lucky coincidence I owned Canon camera gear before my previous company was bought by Canon, so I feel I have extra credibility when I am out shooting pictures with Canon work shirt on! I don't have any opinion on your last question about owning their stock, who knows about the markets in these crazy times, but from the ground floor it looks like Canon is geared to be a serious player in medical equipment for a long time to come.

Spy Black's picture

I think all Japanese companies that can contribute something to the testing and treatment of Covid-19 are involved. It's just the way the Japanese work. I do wonder if they are technologically racing against time to secure Japan for the Olympics. That is a tall order, but it wouldn't surprised me if the Japanese, as the one collective whole they have been many times, might try to pulled that off.

Earl Nottingham's picture

The medical system is scheduled to be released right after the release of the EOS R5.