David Alan Harvey Resigns From Magnum Shortly Before Members Vote to Remove Him

David Alan Harvey Resigns From Magnum Shortly Before Members Vote to Remove Him

Seven months after questions over possible child sexual abuse images were raised, and three months after 11 women made extensive allegations of sexual misconduct, David Alan Harvey is no longer a member of Magnum Photos.

Harvey published a tweet on March 17 stating that he has “resigned from Magnum Photos,” thanking his friends, and suggesting that he will tell the “full story” in the near future:

Harvey turned off replies to the tweet. In January, his lawyers issued a statement saying that "David Alan Harvey will not be cancelled" (emphasis in original).

Shortly after Harvey announced his resignation, Magnum Photo issued a statement explaining that its board had voted on March 12 to remove Harvey from the organization and that Harvey’s resignation came just before the board’s decision was to be ratified through a vote by its broader membership. 

“Following an independent investigation into personal misconduct by David Alan Harvey, Magnum’s Board has decided to permanently remove David Alan Harvey from the membership,” the statement reads. “Prior to a final vote on the decision by Magnum’s members, Mr Harvey resigned.”

It continues:

Magnum would like to reiterate its apology to the victims and survivors. We are committed to working in an open and accountable way that builds trust and confidence with those in our industry and with the people we collaborate with as part of our work.

Magnum has not previously apologized publicly to the 11 women who detailed their allegations against Harvey in an article published in December in the Columbia Journalism Review. The allegations covered a period of 13 years and ranged from using his position to push unwanted sexual advances to masturbating on video calls. Shortly before it published its statement, Magnum emailed an apology to those women with whom it has been in contact as part of the independent investigation.

The investigation began in January 2021 and concluded earlier this month. Harvey's departure does not relate to the images of potential child sexual abuse revealed by Fstoppers in August 2020. Magnum has never expelled a member from its organization. 

Earlier this month, questions were raised over the IWF’s decision to clear the legality of all of the sensitive images of children in the Magnum archive, despite the presence of at least one photograph which a former digital forensics expert stated he believed was clearly a Category C image.

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