Disney World Has Been Photoshopping Masks on Guests in Ride Photos

In a bizarre practice only possible in 2020, Disney World has been Photoshopping masks on guests who are not wearing them for ride photos, though they have now announced that they will cease the practice after negative guest feedback. 

By rule, guests at the park are supposed to wear masks at all times except for whenever they are eating or drinking while not moving. However, whether out of desire to have their face visible for the photos or simply ignoring the rules, some guests have appeared in photos without masks, leading the park to begin digitally adding masks. For the park's part, it is not clear why they started adding the masks, whether to discourage guests from taking their masks off for visibility in photos or to maintain the appearance of compliance for publicity's sake. Whatever the reasons, the park has now said it will stop the "enhancements," claiming they were part of a test that did not go over well with guests, partially because the time taken to add the masks digitally increased waiting times for pictures. It is not clear how the park plans to enforce the use of masks going forward, particularly once guests are already on a ride. 

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So rather than complying with the health orders and keeping people safe, they let them in and used good’ol Photoshop??? *smh*

As for the people, damned idiots, full stop.

Also, is now REALLY the best time to be going to Disney World of all places? Stay at home. You can go once the world isn't on fire anymore.

You got any article making the claim Disneyworld is a source of Covid outbreak?

Do you really think Guests are going to quarantine for two weeks before traveling to FL and then quarantine again once they go home? Do you really think the Cast Members are going to call out of work if they don't feel good? They don't. They won't risk all those points on their record card. They only don't come in if their manager calls and says they have to stay home because there was a positive test from a coworker.

You really had to ask such an asinine question? Does that old pastime called Common Sense not factor into this situation?? Jeeze

I'm still waiting for an article stating the park is an outbreak issue.

Get lost moron, you’re the kind of Trumper that would just flank anything news backing up Disney as an infection source as “fake news”.

Why are you so angry? I just asked for an article backing your implications.

LOL Now really is the best time to go. Just went a couple weeks ago. Very few people in the park. Loved it!

Congratulations for being self-centred and irresponsible during a damned pandemic, you earn a gold star /s

Yes, 200% correct!

You want to save 13mn of your life:
"In a bizarre practice only possible in 2020, Disney World has been Photoshopping masks on guests who are not wearing them for ride photos, though they have now announced that they will cease the practice after negative guest feedback."
Got the entire video content there.

They could speed up the 'shopping with AI. It could just remove the non-compliant guest(s) completely.

A much better solution

It's an overlay like their Magic Shots (Tinker Bell, Stitch, etc.). It's seems more like a way to discourage people from taking their masks off on the rides, especially for a photo. Guests are supposed to keep their masks on for the PhotoPass photos, even in front of the castle. It seems like a policy issue.
Someone(s) has either that specific ride clicked or multiple rides that they are checking. You can filter by state, park, shooting locations, characters. Then you have to keep an eye out for really bad photos like the flash has run out of batteries or isn't synced properly, the camera settings weren't corrected when the photographer changed locations. You also have to keep an eye out for shirts/clothing (even tattoos) that violate their entrance policy and to make sure no one is flashing on the rides or giving the 'finger' with a character. Once I had to explain to a mother of four that the reason why I could not show her the family photo with Mickey was because all 4 of her kids were flipping off the camera.

So erase it blur them. That would be more encouraging than making it look like they give a fuck.

ROTFL. It's pretty hilarious that they are photoshopping masks on people. Yes - people should just wear masks.
From a logistics / technical standpoint - that has got to take some serious time to do it on a mass (or should I say Mask) scale. haha.

Though - looks like they have gone back on that photoshopping wizardry - I find if pretty funny.

it doesn't take too much extra time. you just click and drag the overlay, maybe quickly resize it if needed, click save and then on to the next