Do You Want to Be the Personal Photographer for a Millionaire, Travel the World, and Get Paid $55,000 a Year?

Do You Want to Be the Personal Photographer for a Millionaire, Travel the World, and Get Paid $55,000 a Year?

If you’re going to be searching for work in 2020, you may want to update your C.V. and send an application to Matthew Lepre, an Australian millionaire who’s searching for someone to travel with him around the world as his personal photographer. The gig pays $55,000 a year, requires only a smartphone, and you can take a friend along for the ride.

In what is almost certainly a marketing ploy for his ecommerce business, Lepre posted the advert to his Instagram, asking potential applicants to follow him and his online business, tag a friend, and then fill out a form.

Like many successful online businesses, Lepre’s successful online business teaches customers how to run a successful online business. You can probably assume that Lepre's students are taught to run a successful online business by setting up a website that promises people that they too can run a successful online business.

Lepre explained to the Daily Mail that until recently, his best buddy, Mitch, had been shooting all of his Instagram content on his phone, but Mitch was now too busy with other duties. Lacking other friends to take on this role, Lepre is now turning to social media to find someone else.

Will you be applying? Or will you be signing up to learn how to run your own successful online business? Leave a comment below.

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Andrew Almeida's picture

It's obviously more about social media than quality if all you need is a smartphone.

The salary sucks. 55 is nothing to devote your life for someone

Michael Dougherty's picture

Unless you're single, no obligations, and all expenses are paid. I'm suspicious about this job though.

Cristian Perotti's picture

Or unless you live in South America like myself, where I earn less than $15.000 a year.


55k USD is a dream salary of a CEO or Doctor in most of the "Third" World.

Deleted Account's picture

It better be all expenses paid for that salary sum.

Willy Williams's picture

And I'd bet that it's in $AU, not $US. That's pretty much a serious insult in my book.

Deleted Account's picture

Ouch! No doubt. Isn't that the millionaire code... get rich by stiffing the rest of the world?

Michael Dougherty's picture

Some millionaires get rich providing goods and services to people that they really want and are willing to pay for. (E.g. Bill Gates and the PC, Andy Grove and the micro processor.)

Give up your life to a narcissistic millionaire's wanderings for 55k Australian? Sorry, mate, and g'day you stingy sod.

Spy Black's picture

Depends on where you live I suppose. I think I've seen something along these lines in Indonesia. Apparently the wealthy (or at least some of them) like to have professionally shot, sometimes semi-staged photos to post up on social media of what appear to be their day-to-day events. I found the whole thing weird, but seeing this article, it's probably a job description in certain countries.

Deleted Account's picture

Semi-reality TV hits photography. :)

Dave Henshaw's picture

I wonder what two young girls get picked!

Ivan Lantsov's picture

pay is pishartz bubkas!

Matthew who?