Elon Musk Uses Image Without Permission or Credit, Begins Blocking Anyone Who Challenges Him

Elon Musk Uses Image Without Permission or Credit, Begins Blocking Anyone Who Challenges Him

Tesla and SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk has been outed for blocking anyone who calls him out for posting photographers’ images without permission or credit. Numerous photographers have jumped in to defend Richard Angle, who took the photo that Musk tweeted to his 27 million followers.

Yesterday Musk posted a tweet containing the caption “Ride the lightning!” along with a photo of a lightning strike to his legions of fans. The photo has acquired over 1,200 comments, 6,600 Retweets, and 77,000 likes at the time of writing.


Angle, the photographer behind the image in question, has shot many launches throughout his career. He wasn’t credited by Musk for the posting of his photo, besides a tiny watermark that remained in the corner. After Angle tweeted about the lack of credit, the photo community rallied around him, asking Musk to respect copyright and not publish work without permission and credit.

Musk’s response was less than favorable, in that he has begun blocking anyone tweeting him asking him to credit photographers for their images.

What’s surprising, though, is that Musk appears to be actively blocking those who are calling him out over this copyright issue. One photographer got blocked for for messaging Musk, “You should credit the photographer @RDAnglePhoto.”

Later, Angle added:

 I appreciate everyone that said I deserved credit for my work, we all do […] I [I appreciate everyone] who got blocked by Elon. I don’t think you should have, you are just doing what’s right.

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Leigh Miller's picture

LOL...and we are surprised?

Anytime you speak to an entertainer etc you pretty much get the same response.

Spy Black's picture

Corporate Imperialism at it's best.

That makes absolutely no sense. Entertainers, Musk, et al. are against "Corporate Imperialism", aren't they??

Spy Black's picture

Yes, doesn't matter what industry. Entertainers are incorporated and run corporations you know.

It's all greed and power trips.

Musk's tweet is already deleted, no surprise

Mike Kelley's picture

thank god the law disagrees with you

Made him remove the tweet at least?

Sure, directly the law didn't do it. But if there were no law in the first place he would have just gave everyone the finger and left it up.

Michael Holst's picture

So are you giving free license to use your images now? I see you have a website, instagram, and facebook. I could use some of those as stock images so thank you in advance!

Carl Murray's picture

"post an image on the net it's free game" sounds like a pretty good invitation to me.

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

Don't waste your time and energy with them. It seems there are a too many trolls here. Just offer them a ><(((°>

Patrick Rosenbalm's picture

I understood what you meant as soon as I read it. It's now a world of "knee jerk" reactions. However you probably should have added "and I don't like it either" to the post. But you're right. If someone wants to steal a photo off the net they will, even if you put a big watermark on it, they probably still will. Unfortunately that's how the world operates too often.

Carl Murray's picture

I get it. I get what your saying, I understand. I can wrap my head around it. But when a bunch of people are calling you out for something you said, maybe, just maybe, you're the asshole who is refusing to look at it from the others point of view?

Carl Murray's picture

(Also, I might just point out that, there hasn't been any legal consequences *YET*. Doesn't mean there will be none)

When people want to be offended, there's nothing you can do to prevent it.

Simon Patterson's picture

I get where you're coming from. You're pointing out the way it seems to be. You're not condoning the behaviour.

Tim Cray's picture

@ Jonathon Rusnak...No, Musk is just another run-of-the-mill asshole that stole someone else's photo and used it without permission or giving them credit. Period. You'd be the first crybaby to whine if someone stole one of your photos and used it without permission.

Steven Magner's picture

That only makes sense if Tim Cray was at your house and discovered the backed up toilet before you

Steven Magner's picture

Okay now that makes sense

Tim Cray's picture

Well, knucklehead...your comment claiming a person posting a photo on the net makes it "free game" can only be construed as your approval of him "stealing" someone else's work without permission or being given the proper credit. And for you information genius, my comprehension level is as far above yours as a human's is above an amoeba. Furthermore, you don't make enough money to afford my services.

Tim Cray's picture

If that's the best you can do for a rebuttal, I suggest you refrain from making any further comments on the articles posted on this website.

Tim Cray's picture

That's Mr. Cray to you knucklehead.

… yet you missed the sarcasm in Jonathan's comment in question.

Tim Cray's picture

Perhaps. However, I don't associate with sarcastic assholes.

Will Murray's picture

Nah, you're simply obtuse. The OP was quite clear in its meaning.

Will Murray's picture

A "run of the mill asshole" who happens to be an utterly brilliant billionaire.

Tim Cray's picture

Most millionaires and billionaire ARE assholes. He could've easily paid a photographer to take a photo of a lightning strike without STEALING another photographer's copyrighted photo.

Will Murray's picture

Stealing in caps


Tim Cray's picture

I used uppercase letters to emphasize my point. But, since you're a knucklehead, I suppose that was too much for your limited comprehension level to understand. End of discussion.

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