Fstoppers Announces The POTD Contest: Enter Your Shot To Win A $100 Gift Certificate to B&H

Fstoppers Announces The POTD Contest: Enter Your Shot To Win A $100 Gift Certificate to B&H

Over the past few months, I've been looking at how we can improve our POTD feature to make it more, well, awesome. For a while now, we've been taking your submissions and combing through them to find some interesting shots. But we're going to change that up a bit. We're going to turn it into a contest format for a month, and the best shot takes home $100 at B&H for doing nothing more than sending us an image.

In an attempt to get our POTD to actually kick some ass (we want you to brag to your mother that you get featured on it, have it be a nice feather in your cap, and maybe even win some money from it) we've decided to put something up for grabs. We're changing the format a bit. Here's how it will work.

-We'll choose a theme for the month
-Readers can submit their picture that is related to the theme, even if only in abstract
-We'll pick the best 30 images to feature in our POTD
-The FStoppers staff will check out all of the images and decide on the top three from the month.
-We'll put together a bit of a writeup explaining our choices, and the winner will receive a $100 credit to B&H.

Pretty easy, right?

The theme for the month of April will be PORTRAITS. Let's keep it relatively simple to start. Here's how to enter:

Send a JPEG file, at least 800 pixels wide (horizontal and square crops are best for visibility within our site), that is a portrait or somehow related to the theme, to CONTEST NOW CLOSED. A new contest will be announced on the front page of FS!. Be sure to include:

Your name
Your website (if you want any sort of link to your work)
A few details about how you created the image and why. Doesn't have to be more than a few sentences.

Small watermarks are acceptable, but please refrain from plastering enormous watermarks all over the image because you will have a link to your site in the text. You're allowed two entries per month, but be sure to submit them in the same email.

Also note that we aren't trying to showcase the most perfectly retouched image of a high-fashion model lit with 16 lights. We're looking for the most interesting, evocative, and compelling images we can find from our readers. We don't just want to see a beautiful model all dolled up and retouched to kingdom come in an effort to make a technically perfect image, but we want to see your craftsmanship and vision at work to create something that moves the viewer.

The deadline for entries is March 31st, 2013.

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Jason Vinson's picture

just sent mine in! :) 


Submitted 2 actually. This one: http://500px.com/photo/27923429 and also this one: http://500px.com/photo/27745215


M K's picture

damn you guys' work make mine look sad... submitted anyway :)

Herb Halstead's picture

little shy about submitting... but did anyway :D

Candice Roos Hildebrandt's picture

Submitted mine :) 

Avrohom Perl's picture

Submitted, but is it 2 late to change one of my submissions? 


Alejandro Caballero's picture

Thanks for the opportunity! www.avidvisuals.com

Mike Marohnic's picture
Cris Magsino's picture

submitted mine :)

RUSS's picture

would a portrait of my new gear I acquired tonight fit the theme? I got all this and filters, black rapid strap, original canon strap, all boxes and warranty cards, and all the stuff pictured, for $2000.00 U S dollars.


Fetching image ...
Lorenzo P's picture

I sent over the goods!!!!

Max Bolotov's picture

Just sent mine!

Max Bolotov's picture
lisacng @ expandng.com's picture

Hope to have a worthy image!

Dhill's picture

Just submitted.. some good work so far!

Hazeem Lokman's picture

How many photos could we submit max ?

Alan Byland's picture

Love your website, your pics are beautiful

Gor Antonyan's picture

Here is mine not looking to win but looking forward to get criticized :)

Iván Holc's picture
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