How to Be Selected As the Fstoppers Photo of the Day

How to Be Selected As the Fstoppers Photo of the Day

Over the past few years and into the future, our Photo of the Day feature continues to be a cornerstone of Fstoppers. Featured on the front page as well as being published out over our Twitter and Instagram accounts, Photo of the Day’s goal is to give enthusiastic attention to the creative talent found throughout the Fstoppers Community. Fstoppers has the greatest readers and we love showing off the incredible work you create. If you are interested in having your photo featured as PotD, here are some guidelines to keep in mind for how they are selected.

Every day, Fstoppers writers including myself comb through the photos that have been added to our Community members’ portfolios. We are constantly being blown away by the creativity displayed across all genres of photography. The photos that our staff loves end up on the Editors' Picks list. Additionally, I personally make the selections for Photo of the Day and also feature a lot of top-notch work on our Instagram as well (follow us @officialfstoppers).

The main secret, if there is any secret, to getting your work chosen as Photo of the Day is this: write a good photo description. When we see a stand-out photo, we immediately are eager to know more about it. Take the time to write out a few sentences about the photo. Whether it’s something interesting about the setup and details of the shooting location, the story of how the image came together that day, how you chose to process it, the inspirations behind the photo, anything that brings a person closer to the image and your thought process is highly encouraged. If you are photographing a model or if there is a whole team of people that contributed to the final image, here is also a good place to credit them for their efforts. These compelling and informational photo descriptions are what we love to share with other readers when we place your image on the front page. If you include three to five descriptive sentences with your photo, your chances of being selected as Photo of the Day automatically skyrocket.

Other important things to pay attention to when you’re adding images to your portfolio are including a title and either having the EXIF data embedded in your photo or adding the shot details afterwards. You can make changes to this information by clicking the “Edit” button on the photo’s page or when you hover over an image on your portfolio overview page.

A portfolio photo with the title, image description, and EXIF information all filled out.

Finally, check out your Fstoppers profile page and see that your Twitter and Instagram accounts are added in there and the usernames are up to date. I sometimes come across void usernames or information not there when in fact you are on these social platforms. Remember that we tweet out your Twitter username and tag you on Instagram along with your photo, so having your social accounts filled out is a good idea.

How to Get Featured On Instagram

If you already follow us on Instagram, you know that I’m putting up a number of posts every day featuring a range of excellent photos from the Fstoppers Community. There really is no difference in how these are selected from how Photo of the Day operates, only that there is a little more slack for missing information. Even so, images with completed descriptions will still take priority; we regularly get Instagram comments from people who appreciate the additional details behind the image. I should also note that photos posted as a Featured Photo on Instagram and not as Photo of the Day are not necessarily out of the running for PotD. It usually more often than not has to do with the inherently limited number of photos we can choose for PotD. In some instances I wanted to declare the image as Photo of the Day but it lacked the necessary photo information filled out as outlined above.

Images that are not safe for work (NSFW) are unfortunately ineligible to be selected to as Photo of the Day or posted to Instagram. This is due to the uncensored photo being displayed on the front page for PotD, and because it would go against Instagram’s Terms of Service.

Keep in mind that you do keep all copyrights to your images. If for any reason you’d like your photo removed from Photo of the Day or Instagram, please let me know by sending a private message through my Fstoppers profile and I will get it replaced.

Now that you know what it takes to be featured as Photo of the Day, I look forward to checking out your revamped and rocking portfolios. If you would like to submit one of your photos for consideration, whether it be a new addition to your portfolio or a photo you recently updated with a good description, please send the photo link to me in a private message through my Fstoppers profile.

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Bill Peppas's picture

Thank you for what you do Ryan! :-)

Ryan Mense's picture

Appreciate that, Bill

Bill Peppas's picture

You're welcome, just recognizing your work and support to the community and our fellow photographers :)

I'm thankful for every single person out there contributing to making the photographic community, and you ( and the rest of the crew, and several other members here ) are simply one of them ;-)

Desmond Gerritse's picture

Thanks for the info. Just updated my portfolio with some images from our foodblog.

Ryan Mense's picture

Awesome! I'll take a look.

Hugh Tull's picture

Im still in a little shocked that one of my images made it for the selection. Thank you!

Ryan Mense's picture

Don't underestimate your work, Hugh. It was well-deserved!

Tam Nguyen's picture

Are dick pics okay?

Ryan Mense's picture

Please no photos of Mr. Cheney.

Bill Peppas's picture

If it ain't big it ain't a pic(k) :D

Rory Gallagher's picture

I love the daily flow of variety and inspiration. Thank you.

Daniel Shepherd's picture

Useful information to know, always a fan of the photo of the day! I've updated my portfolio accordingly :)

Anthony Joseph's picture

Is this Photo. Worth a Look at as Photo of the Day Ryan?

Patryk M's picture

Good afternoon FStoppers. I would like submit my recent photo for consideration for Photo of The Day.

Rani George's picture

Thanks for choosing my image Ryan, You absolutely made my day !

Anthony Joseph's picture

i know that feeling lol.

Anthony Joseph's picture

Hey People. What Yall Think of my Portrait Sessions.
Shot with a Mark ii

Patryk M's picture

Hello Ryan. I'd like to submit my most recent wedding picture for consideration to be featured. Thank you again for reviewing this.

Carl Rogers's picture

This site rocks, just joined up, must update my details and get posting, love what you've created, truly inspiring.

Alexander Pinagel's picture

Hi, I'm new in fstoppers, I want to share my work and see what happens with it, hope you like it, this is my daughter, she likes to pose for portrait pictures and she is really good at it, she is also a ballet dancer and I'm an amateur or semi pro photographer, I really like high key to this picture, it gets a really nice mood to it and I think is pretty, what do you think?

Anonymous's picture

This is a great article, clearly illustrating how to increase our noticeability on Fstoppers. Thank you for writing this Ryan. For now, I'll leave my current photos as-is, but will follow these suggestions for my future uploads. I recently bought a Nikon D5. It's quite the learning curve from my D5100. Right now, I only have an 85mm prime for it, but it's excellent for portraits. I'll be uploading more soon.

Again, thank you for this great article.

Debojyoti Lahiri's picture

Hi Ryan,

here is the link of the new photo added to my portfolio. I would be glad if you consider it for your POTD.


Craig Spratt's picture

Great job with this website Ryan! I have been doing photography for about four years, I had heard of you guys, but I never took the time out to create a profile until now. Better late then never right? Haha! :-)

Louis Tinsley's picture

Great article! I always wondered about this.

Anonymous's picture

My first upload: Provincial liqueur bar.

Toney Tapia's picture

Thank you for the information Ryan! I look forward to possibly having a photo as one of Fstoppers photo of the day!

Igor Fotso's picture

Thank-you Ryan !

amirhossein forati's picture

very thnak you for that
ساخت تیزر تبلیغاتی

David Apeji's picture

How do I "add images to my portfolio", when I am already at the limit of 11?

Ryan Mense's picture

We'd recommend removing the photos you think are the weakest or being rated the lowest and replacing them.

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