Fujifilm releases FUJIFILM X Webcam Version 2.0

Fujifilm releases FUJIFILM X Webcam Version 2.0

FUJIFILM X Webcam is a free utility allowing Fujifilm users to use their cameras as a webcam and, now with version 2.0, it is much more useful than ever before!

Users asked, and Fujifilm listened. The original Fujifilm X Webcam did not allow you to change your settings on the fly, nor did it allow you to change film simulations easily. Now, version 2.0 allows you to do all of that and more. The new software has a companion control window allowing you to do such things as use exposure compensation, exposure lock, digital zoom, white balance, and even the ability to auto-launch the utility when your web conferencing platform of choice picks up the camera. 

Version 1.0 was extremely barebones, only allowing you to use your camera's settings and needing to fiddle with them if the light changed. This sounds easy, but in order to change settings, you had to unplug the camera from your computer, change the settings, and then plug it back in. Now, with the new exposure compensation dial, you can easily brighten or darken the image without much fiddling around. 

FUJIFILM X Webcam can be downloaded here and works with the entire GFX lineup of cameras, the X-T4, X-T3, X-T2, X-H1, X-Pro2, and the X-Pro3

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Jon G's picture

Just tried this software out and was a bit underwhelmed. Issues I noticed while testing with Zoom:

1) Video isn't 16:9. Sides are cropped off, and top and bottom have thin black bars.
2) Doesn't pass through any audio from external microphones that are connected to the camera. Microphones have to go through your computer instead.
3) Video quality is so-so.
4) You have to enable PRE-AF on your Fuji to get autofocus working, and then remember to turn it off afterwards. No eye detect autofocus.

For a free solution, this works OK. However, this isn't going to replace my Elgato Camlink 4K for video quality and convenience.