Are These the Specs for the New Fujifilm X-T4?

Are These the Specs for the New Fujifilm X-T4?

The Fujifilm X-T3 has proven itself as an immensely capable and popular camera since it was announced in September 2018. Its successor, the X-T4, is just days away, and the internet is already excited about what it might bring.

Images have been circulating on a couple of the rumor sites in the last week along with a list of specifications that are making the X-T4 seem like a solid upgrade over its predecessor. Rumors suggest that it will keep the same 26MP BSI CMOS sensor as the X-T3, which might be slightly disappointing to some Fuji fans, though it’s worth keeping in mind that the X-Trans IV debuted in 2018 and that’s still less than two years ago.

One of the biggest upgrades might be the battery. The X-T3’s battery, the NP W126S, was felt to be somewhat lacking, offering only 1260mAh. By contrast, the rumors are suggesting that the new battery in the X-T4 will have 2350 mAh, something of a bump over its predecessor.

One of the most significant additions is that of IBIS. Previously, Fuji put IBIS into its X-H1 camera, taking advantage of the larger form factor. By bringing IBIS to the X-T4, it seems more likely that a successor to the X-H1 might never emerge.

As a result, the X-T4 is expected to be slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor, perhaps making it easier for Fuji to include what seems to be a fully-articulating screen. Those who were excited by the prospect of 6K video may be disappointed, however, as that rumor seems to have since died a quiet death.

You can see a full list of the specifications and photos over on Fuji Addict.

Are these rumors correct? Will you be upgrading? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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It makes sense for them to merge the XT and XH series, and a bigger battery and grip will be welcome additions. I enjoyed owning the XT3, however I found the grip to be a bit lacking, especially with any of the larger lenses on it.

Why are you wastin' my time with some PR stupidity? Nothing essential was shared in this article aside from makin' me aware that there will be X-T4. I'll pass and keep waitin' for T1000.

My X-H1 and X-T3 will keep working OK for now.