Hasselblad to Open First Retail Outlet in Tokyo

Hasselblad to Open First Retail Outlet in Tokyo

Hasselblad, a company that is currently receiving a mixed bag of emotions from photographers due to their seemingly disjoined marketing strategy, is set to open their first retail outlet in Tokyo's "fashionable" Harajuku area on September 14. This decision is the latest move in Hasselblad CEO Dr. Larry Hansen's extensive new investment program aimed at supposedly making it easier for more people across the globe to own a Hasselblad camera.

"The new store - a one-stop-shop of all things Hasselblad - is located adjacent to the Hasselblad Japan offices and close to a number of well-known retailers and trendy fashion boutiques."

It's kind of obvious what this is meant to do: it follows with what Hasselblad has been doing for the last year, which is focusing on fashionable, trendy, expensive cameras as accessories. The location and the wording of the press release ooze the desire to be seen as a fashion brand, and I'm still not convinced this will really help Hasselblad in the long run.

That said, it's a nice looking space.

Hasselblad-Store_1 fstoppers

Hasselblad-Store_2 fstoppers

Hasselblad-Store_3 fstoppers

This is the first time in company history that Hasselblad has opted for a direct-sale method.

And is that a foosball table? Sweet.

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Following after the Leica retail model. There is a Leica store here in Washington, DC, but I do not shoot 35mm, so never bothered to stop in.
In select, high end areas, it could generate extra revenue. The MFD commercial market isn't very large, so I can see why they are trying to expand into the upscale sector and push the cameras as fashion. It's a better idea then going after the Cannon/ Nikon market.

Leica also sell M.F..

Yes, you are right. They entered that market in 2009.

This is dumb. Do it right or don't do it at all. They should release a camera to go after the Leica M240 but at a lower price. Make something lust worthy. What a waste of the venerable name.

I dont think they have the cash for R&D..I hope the lunar does sell so we can see a new M.F body.

A great place to finally see the amazing STELLAR in action!

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It was a Sony store, they just covered it with fancy wood.

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It's like when ferrari tried selling their brand of cologne. Oh you can't afford our cars but at least you can smell like you've been in one. It's ridiculous Hasselblad has a rep among photographers as the Rolls Royce of cameras and that took time to build. I would hate for the CEO to destroy that heritage simply because he wants people to buy Hasselblad cameras as a status symbol.

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Hasselblad. The new Vivitar...

I'll be sure to stop in and mouth breath enough to fog up the glass that separates me from a wood finished NEX 7.

I popped by their opening event. I enjoyed the small exhibit of Norman Parkinson pieces. The space - which was small - was not unlike what all prime camera makers are expected to have in Japan. If you are going to reach the market here you have to have this kind of space. Combined with a gallery & seminar workshop space next door it is not really a shop, more of a "Come Drool" place. Japan has some serious Hassleblad clubs. I last saw them display at a Fujifilm Square in Midtown Tokyo. Harajuku has a hip young feel to it but the location was back alley, not particularly flashy impressive despite vacinity to Omotosando-Dori. Not as flashy as the the Ginza locations of the Nikon, Leica and Canon drool spaces.