The Hasselblad Stellar is Real & Touted as Being Unlike Any Other Camera Ever

The Hasselblad Stellar is Real & Touted as Being Unlike Any Other Camera Ever

Are you ready to be star-struck by Stellar? That's the tagline to Hasselblad aforementioned rumored RX100 reskin. Apparently, according to the Hasselblad Chairman and CEO, "The world has never seen a compact camera like this before." Weird, I could swear I saw a camera pretty similar to this last year. It's called the RX100.

Ok enough snark, here's what Hasselblad wants you to know:

Dr. Larry Hansen, Hasselblad's Chairman and CEO explains: "The world has never seen a compact camera like this before. The Hasselblad brand has always been about highest quality and distinctive style and we've created Stellar as a work of art capture device that you can simply point and shoot to acquire stunning pictures. It is available in six exotic wooden handle options - including walnut, padouk and zebra - with every hand-grip meticulously carved from a raw block of wood and fashioned by our experts. And our sleek and sophisticated carbon fibre hand-grip alternative is crafted using the same compression moulding technique embraced by the aerospace industry."

He adds: "With Stellar, we have an extremely easy camera to use but it comes with the exquisite image quality and high-end handling that all our customers expect from Hasselblad. Just point and shoot and Stellar's advanced technology, combined with the magnificence of ZEISS lenses, takes care of the rest. We've packed full HD 1080/60p video with manual controls in this model too and this camera comes with a fantastic 3.6 x optical zoom. Our larger than average point and shoot sensor enables the user to capture extra light and reproduce every scene in truly stunning detail. And with wide range ISO sensitivity it's now possible to shoot in almost any light."

The brand new Stellar camera has a price tag of 1,480 Euros (excluding tax), and offers SLR-like handling with a full range of controls for those photographers who want more technical involvement with their image capture.

Luca Alessandrini, Hasselblad's New Business Development Director says: "With Stellar you can be a complete photo-novice or you can choose to take control of the camera's features manually. And when you buy this camera it will be presented - complete with its naturally tanned Italian leather wrist strap - in a select and distinguished-looking 'jewellery' box."

Stellar is Hasselblad's second foray into the consumer photographic marketplace. Earlier this year the manufacturer of the world's most advanced medium format camera system launched Lunar - an acclaimed revolution in consumer camera design. Stellar is the follow-up camera in an ongoing programme of product launches targeting the lifestyle/luxury sector.

Adds Dr. Hansen: "It has always been my ambition to enable all fans of the iconic Hasselblad brand to have an opportunity to own one of our cameras. Now discerning enthusiasts of beautiful design, ergonomics and advanced camera technology have real choices."

You can see a lot of high resolution images and all the options at the new, and admittedly nicely designed, Stellar website.

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It should raise red flags when the first thing they talk about is what the handle of the camera is made of... so weird!

"from a raw block of wood and fashioned by our experts." They refer to their CNC machines as experts, that's funny.

It's... the only original part. Hard to brag about tech when everyone who might be interested already bought one last year for 1/3 the price.

Why is there no outrage? Do people not mind being taken for fools?

It's hard to be angry at something no one buys. There's been sighting of a Lunar.

The language used in the press release tells you everything you need to know. 'Just point and shoot and the camera takes care of the rest', for example. This is a toy for status-driven rich kids and it's a real shame to see Hasselblad playing the consumer for a fool. To me, the over-simplification of the language used and the horrid, ostentatious design really devalues the Hasselblad brand and makes me feel negative toward their entire product line.

"The Hasselblad {brand} has always been about highest quality and distinctive style"

Soooo, if I've got this right, Hasselblad is kinda just a brand now? Like Lincon or Buick, a name to slap onto a Ford or Chevy with some luxury trimmings and a higher price tag?

Sure, we've always had companies such as Leica that have sold cameras for prices that eclipse their true utility, because of their name. But they are still unique products. In other words, you can't buy the exact same product without the name for a fraction of the price.

Sure, the Lunar and Stellar are not the first examples of this, but never before has a company thrown away it's integrity so blatantly as Hasselblad.

Brand engineering has entered world of serious photography. This is indeed a sad day.

Ariel Martini's picture

behold: each handle is carved by hand from a 1 ton trunk of wood.

Jason Ranalli's picture

This is marketing at it's best. They're doubling down on the name. If this is successful they can have further assurance that it's safe to jack prices and spend less time worry about the number of units being sold. This is one way of trying to make your product look exclusive, fashionable, yet timeless, etc.

Spy Black's picture

P.T. Barnum is smiling somewhere...