Heartwarming Christmas Commercial Shot for $130

Every year, there seems to be a holiday commercial that captures the minds and hearts of the viewers. Ads like Coca-Cola's polar bears or the Budweiser Clydesdales in a New England winter come to mind. But this holiday season, a little YouTube video is capturing the hearts of the public, and it only cost $130 to produce.

A family-owned hardware store in Rhayader, Wales is responsible for this year's heartwarming video. The store, Haford Hardware, is run by Tom Jones, who has been producing seasonal ads for the last three years. Jones produces the videos and posts them on social media each year.

For this year's video, Jones features his two-year-old son, Arthur. Arthur can be seen helping out at the family's hardware store. Jones told CNN: "We just make it for fun, really. We try and put a bit of a spotlight on small, independent businesses that you get in rural areas where we are, and we try to show that can offer just as much as your high street chains."

The video was shot for only $130, which was spent on the sound engineer and recording studio. It shows again that the story is the most crucial aspect of any video or photograph and that the equipment, while important, is not what makes or breaks the project.

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What would the average cost for licensing a Dylan song on Youtube?

...and even though this is a cover version of an original it still should have been licensed. I think somebody is purposely looking the other way because it's a small business and a cute commercial.

Looks like we went to the same gift wrapping school.

Always loved that Alphaville song, loved the cover version in the video too.