Here's The Link to Reset Your Adobe Password

Here's The Link to Reset Your Adobe Password

We've all heard the news already, Adobe was hacked. But surprisingly I have found that a lot of photographers haven't taken the 30 seconds to go and reset their password. Have you? If the answer is no, I would highly recommend you doing it now. Even if you haven't yet heard from Adobe. Over 150,000,000 user accounts were in the stolen database, good chance you were one of them.

It is really quite easy to reset your password. It only takes about 30 seconds.

Click on the following link which will take you direct to Adobe's website to reset your password. Once you get there input your email address to your account and they'll email you a reset link. Click the link in the new email, type in your new password twice and your done.

The stolen database not only had user names and passwords but it also contained email addresses and credit card information. So if you used the same password for your email address as you did for your Adobe account than I'd highly suggest you change that as well. Keep an eye on your credit card records as well for any discrepancies. The stolen database is out there and being crawled over by a lot of different entities so don't waste any more time. Go change your passwords. Don't wait to hear from Adobe that you were a victim, just go do it. Then help a friend by sharing this article with them.
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The link you posted is wrong.. Watch this video Adobe published to help out with password resets.

and here's where you can check if you're account was hacked: