What to Expect from Behance This Year Post-Adobe Acquisition

What to Expect from Behance This Year Post-Adobe Acquisition

Adobe bought Behance a few months ago in what was said to have been a move to expand the social functionality of the Creative Cloud. Today Behance posted a blog about what is to be expected from them in 2013 post-acquisition.

In the year ahead, here’s what you can expect from Behance

  • The Behance platform is going to get a lot better, faster, and offer even more exposure for your work. They have a full roadmap of improvements and features that help you connect with your peers and with career opportunity.
  • They will start integrating some of Behance’s best community features into Adobe tools. Want feedback? Adding new work to your portfolio? We want to make this more efficient and more integrated into your everyday workflow. Stay tuned for updates in May.
  • Behance has grand plans for ProSite – and other “Pro” features – that will make Behance a more powerful utility for creative careers. They have got a long list of enhancements and features that will bring online portfolios to a whole new level.


Behance is also getting closer with Adobe, starting with benefits for Behance as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud service. Starting today, ProSite (normally $99/year) will be available at no additional cost for Creative Cloud paid members. "For those of you that don’t know, ProSite transforms your public Behance portfolio into a fully customized personal portfolio site with your own URL. You can design an incredible portfolio site that stays in sync with your projects on Behance, increasing your efficiency and helping your work get more exposure from Behance’s 18+ Million visitors every month."

This along with a lot of other excited-speak seems to point that Behance is happy with their very big and powerful new owner. What are your thoughts on Behance now and where they are going? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via Behance Blog]

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Just got their email about this in my inbox today...couldn't be more excited!!

I tend to avoid anything Adobe are involved in, so will have to review my use of Behance. Creative Cloud is a complete waste of time for me as our internet connection averages around 1.5mbps so cloud computing is not realistic.

I think you misunderstand what the CC does. It's still installed on your desktop unless you actually want to store stuff in their cloud drive. You don't need to be connected to the internet to use the software either, except at first when you register it.