Adobe Advances to "CC" in Lieu of "CS7"

Adobe Advances to "CC" in Lieu of "CS7"

Adobe has announced that in lieu of continuing with the "Creative Suite" naming convention, they have instead changed the outlook of the popular suite of creative software to "Creative Cloud," a move that should not surprise those of you who have followed Adobe over the course of the last year.

The Creative Cloud has without a doubt been Adobe's main focus over the past twelve months, most recently capped by their slough of updates that came immediately upon announcement last fall. Preference was certainly given to Creative Cloud members, as they were immediately pushed the updates while those using CD-based software were forced to wait for the updates to be properly coded.

When Adobe chose CS (Creative Suite) years ago, it marked a mentality shift of where they were bringing the software. At that point, it was about all of their programs working together and advancing on that notion. Today, Adobe takes the plunge on their new mission of bringing creativity anywhere and everywhere through the use of their cloud. This change certainly will illicit stronger emotions from those who have used Adobe for years than the shift to CS did, mostly because the idea of cloud computing with regards to their creative uses is not something that has yet been fully accepted by the masses. CS was more about an internal Adobe mission, CC (though still an internal mission) is also a paradigm shift for Adobe users. So far, acceptance of the Creative Cloud has been mixed, though those of us who have readily moved to the cloud tend to love it.

Some of you may be wondering if Adobe will be removing their physical disc support, and you should be worried: It's ending. CS6 support will still exist, but there will be no updates to it. Creative Cloud is where it's going, and that's it.

How do you feel about Adobe's push? Have you moved to the cloud yet? Will any of you stay steadfastly attached to physical installation discs rather than moving to the Creative Cloud? What will it take to change your mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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It will take more competitive pricing to get me to move. $20/mo...really? I guess Adobe is finally exacting revenge for producing the most pirated software in history.

I think it's up to $50 per month!

It's still $20 if you want only Photoshop. The entire suite is $50

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It is the most pirated because it is highly overpriced. Bring it down to a fair price and make it easy to find/pay/install and piracy will go down.

I run a studio and we own 3 full licenses. We pay less than $1000 a year for Flash, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Media Encoder, and everything else Adobe throws in. Plus free updates and support. I don't think we could have gotten a better deal. We don't have the option of pirating so I love what Adobe's doing.

Looks like I'll be on CS6 for a lo-o-ong time. It's not just having to make a special trip somewhere so that I have the bandwidth available to get the software, I also lose the ability to use it when offline for extended periods. There's no upside, really, if you're not a fiber-to-home urbanite, is there?

What rubbish objections. You don't have the bandwidth to download an application once?

And with an annual (cheaper) subscription, you only need to activate once a year. You don't have internet access for years at a time? Really?

Many rural areas even in the US still don't have reliable internet.

Your experience is not universal.

Clearly, Adobe is missing out on the lucrative 'rural graphic designer without internet' market.

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LOL. So funny - thanks for a great start to my day

Don't be ignorant.. Talent is found everywhere.

Don't be arrogant. Businesses can't tailor every decision for every random niche case that might exist.

True, but photographers tend to go to those places and even far more remote places. If you take a laptop that has not registered this month, it is just a paperweight. It would piss me off to know that I could not edit in my free time just because Adobe's business model does not include me— A PHOTOGRAPHER!

Judging by the use of the term "rubbish", you might be British. Ask a wildlife photographer in the Outer Hebrides if this might affect him.

I repeat. Your experience is not universal.

what an American centric objection there are a lot of countries where reliable broadband is not available, not even to download it once!

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Well, if it's constantly updating the software packages frequently, that could present a problem

I was reporting from Southeast Texas after Hurricane Rita. I was in an area with no electricity for 5 weeks (I know; hard to believe). I ran my laptop off an inverter in my car, transferred photos to my phone and drove until I got a signal to send them.

If my license had expired in the middle of that, I would have had to drive 100 miles for an internet connection.

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I havent moved to the cloud yet, but knowing exactly what it will cost my business makes it easier to plan for. No more waiting to upgrade until my books are ready.
To those who will complain, $20/mo. Say you upgrade every 2 years. That is only $480. Cheaper than an upgrade.

I agree. I made the switch last year and it has never been better. Not only do we no longer have to pay the lump sum $1000 for each CS we buy, we can spread it out and pay less now!

My last PS upgrade was $199. Adobe CC is going to cost me an extra $281 for the same timetable.

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Sorry, Adobe, but I will be keeping the current version for the foreseeable future. And searching for alternatives in the meantime.

I don't know if there is much competition for Photoshop other than GIMP. Which is a pale comparison. But if it's just for RAW editing there is still Lightroom, Capture One, maybe another?

I still have to understand why in Europe the same software costs 65% more than the US.
I wonder if this time they will blame the taxes or some similar bullshits assuming that their clients are idiots and they can download a software from the "cloud" but not being able to go to and check the conversion rate.

Now is a great opportunity for other developers. With Adobe jacking up their prices and forcing their users at gunpoint to "upgrade or die", I can see where some people will be willing to jump ship. With a guaranteed revenue stream, I suspect just a little complacency will creep in. Where's the incentive to innovate if you've got your customers backed into a corner with no option other than take it or leave it.

If someone could have produced a PS rival by now, they would have. The explosion in digital photography would have spurred it long ago.

Instead, you have... Gimp. Appropriately named and not even close to a substitute product.

while I agree that Gimp is not even in the same ball park as PS, it survives and is developed with donations and distributed for free.....I see a lot of donations in it's future!

I agree with Richard Thomas, I'll stick with CS6 for right now, and in the meantime look for other programs. Pixelmator is a program I have been trying out in leu of PhotoShop and even though it doesn't have all the capabilities PhotoShop does, it manages for what I do. The real challenge is Illustrator due to me using it on a daily basis. I'm a big computer advocate, but I trust my computer more than I trust cloud computing.

The software is downloaded to your computer and acts no different than a "regular" copy. The "cloud" is really just for storage and integration for preferences and their other pieces of software. The software itself checks for activation every month to make sure your copy is authorized.

Cant wait to buy my CS6 4 Life' t-shirt!

I don't understand why people don't understand that the creative cloud isn't the same as cloud computing. Yes you need a computer connection to start the subscription and download the applications you want but it is the exact same as the regular CD based version, it resides completely on your system, and is as reliable as your computer is. I moved to the creative cloud from the boxed version when it started and haven't looked back. I have every app in the master suite plus, for the price of one of the smaller creative suites upgrade price per year. If this is my business ( and it is) then it is a really good deal. As far as finding a replacement, maybe one or two but the entire suite and with the interoperability of Adobe, good luck.

Sorry but I don't want to rent my software. I want to buy it, then use it when I want, and upgrade if I feel like it. I don't want to be forced into continued payments if I don't want to upgrade to the next iteration. No amount of logic will ever change that I would prefer buying my software. CC should be an option, not a genocide of purchase.