Adobe Advances to "CC" in Lieu of "CS7"

Adobe Advances to "CC" in Lieu of "CS7"

Adobe has announced that in lieu of continuing with the "Creative Suite" naming convention, they have instead changed the outlook of the popular suite of creative software to "Creative Cloud," a move that should not surprise those of you who have followed Adobe over the course of the last year.

The Creative Cloud has without a doubt been Adobe's main focus over the past twelve months, most recently capped by their slough of updates that came immediately upon announcement last fall. Preference was certainly given to Creative Cloud members, as they were immediately pushed the updates while those using CD-based software were forced to wait for the updates to be properly coded.

When Adobe chose CS (Creative Suite) years ago, it marked a mentality shift of where they were bringing the software. At that point, it was about all of their programs working together and advancing on that notion. Today, Adobe takes the plunge on their new mission of bringing creativity anywhere and everywhere through the use of their cloud. This change certainly will illicit stronger emotions from those who have used Adobe for years than the shift to CS did, mostly because the idea of cloud computing with regards to their creative uses is not something that has yet been fully accepted by the masses. CS was more about an internal Adobe mission, CC (though still an internal mission) is also a paradigm shift for Adobe users. So far, acceptance of the Creative Cloud has been mixed, though those of us who have readily moved to the cloud tend to love it.

Some of you may be wondering if Adobe will be removing their physical disc support, and you should be worried: It's ending. CS6 support will still exist, but there will be no updates to it. Creative Cloud is where it's going, and that's it.

How do you feel about Adobe's push? Have you moved to the cloud yet? Will any of you stay steadfastly attached to physical installation discs rather than moving to the Creative Cloud? What will it take to change your mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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I love adobe and ever since the price was affordable, i definitely felt more confident that I could finally have software to accomplish things. :D I just started so I don't really have a lot of money so even $500 is way out of my price range. >.>

The price of $9.99 a month for just PS is not bad when you figure you would be paying $199 for an upgrade in the next 6 - 12 months. But that $9.99 goes to $19.99 after the first year and then you are paying $240 a year for new features that may come versus another $199 that would come in form of an upgrade in the next 18 -24 months. The math doesn't add up to me. I'll stay with PS CS6 for a while and see what the market has to offer in a year!

If you have to be online only once every 180 days it will be cracked. Pirating will continue and all Adobe will do is piss off their already paying customers.

Creative cloud has saved me so many times. I was shooting a commercial and realized the DIT didn't have Premiere to make rough cuts or review footage (it was .r3d so it was a pain). I logged on creative cloud and had it installed in 20 minutes! I say it's worth the monthly rate that's cheaper than upgrading every year would be.

$50 per month for all apps, If you can't afford that than you are not in business. A fraction of one project should pay for that per month. Even if running a business and needing multiply seats, If you are not making enough per seat to justify the cost you don't know how to run your business. I personally think the only ones complaining are the pirates who don't pay anyway and it is just getting to the point where they can't pirate it. If you do the math it is cheaper to join cloud than to buy, Give me a break, if you can't afford that, than go get a real JOB and leave the creative work to the talented ones who can make enough off their work to pay for the membership to use the software. Maybe i'm wrong, maybe the economy is not as good as some would like us to think.

For me it's the same issue I had with the sim city launch, and the Xbox one original launch specs. I don't want to rely on being tied into an online cloud to make sure everything is running/working the way I need it to. I also don't like installing this I don't need I thin a program at any given moment and the flexibility of removing is or adding that, and most important being able to basically manage my purchases myself. I prefer my license over this new venture. But hey, I'm sure ill come around by cs8.

Oh and as for the only ones complaining are pirates...clearly you don't know any pirates if you think this nonsense could stop them. I know plenty of hackers who laugh at these kinds of methods for protection. There's always a crack..,its the nature of software.

I'm going to need to look more into this CC, but lets say that I don't have internet for long periods of time. As long as it's installed on my laptop, I can still use it perfectly fine? Everything is saved and stored locally?

I figured it out. But I still don't like the idea of renting the software.

Only 3 kind of people..
1. Who is honest paid expensive software and upgrade, and with CC, they will save money.
2. Who cracked the software and enjoyed it for "free" and now are unhappy that they must pay for latest version of Adobe's software.
3. People who are scared of new type of things, like cloud computing. Guys You wand flying cars but not cloud computing, life and progress doesn't wait for YOU..

Anyway, this doesn't change the quality of the software, and if you really need Adobe's soft, then you don't care much how you get it as long as you can use it when you need it. For people who don't need the powerful of Adobe's software then some cool software that does similar to photoshop (for example) still exist and are here for you...

It's a bit more complicate than that.

Until now Adobe made a product I could license forever. After I bought the license, the only problems I encountered were under my control (my hardware) and I knew that no more money would be required from me.

From this point forward, Adobe is providing a service. I have to trust a lot of things to happen. I am now relying on Adobe to keep the service at a reasonable rate and their hardware in running order (including security issues). I am also trusting they will be available with customer service when I call.

I am not scared of change, but I like not having to rely on the goodwill of a corporation to keep my business going. If I get caught out on one job because my computer can't check in with the adobe servers... I will not be happy.

If you think this is all paranoia, look at what happened to the Sim City launch.

Adobe has abandoned Artists who rely on Private Data storage for the every day ignoramus to use. Graphic Artists will soon starve. Artists do not want their ARTWORK on the cloud they want it safe in their Personal Storage Devices.