Watch Adobe Explain Projects Mighty & Napoleon

We learned a lot about Adobe at Adobe MAX earlier this week. We learned that they are moving to a cloud-based system that will remove support for perpetual licenses. We learned about new features that are really something special. And we also learned just a little bit about Project Mighty and Project Napoleon, Adobe's push into hardware through a pen and ruler that link to the digital world.

Adobe wanted to focus on the future of something that hasn't changed in centuries: drawing. Project Mighty is their “cloud pen” that is supposed to make creating easier by bringing the digital world into the physical realm basically anywhere. Mighty is pressure sensitive, which helps it draw a natural and expressive line. It is also connected to the Creative Cloud through the software and a local Bluetooth LE connection. It recognizes who the user is and how that user wants to interact with that pen. From a pure technology perspective, it's fascinating.


The second project, code named Napoleon, is complementary to Mighty. This digital ruler is designed to bring back some of the feeling of drawing with analog tools like the t-square and triangle.


Watching Mighty and Napoleon in action left me with mixed feelings. It's not exactly "fluid" quite yet, showing some lag and what is likely to be a learning curve, but at the same time it's something that is truly amazing. It is a fascinating mixture of hardware, software and cloud computing.


Not everyone may be a fan, but it's certainly something worth watching. Even if you don't like Adobe's iteration or even Adobe at all, the fact that this is happening bodes well for the creative industry. I want to see what comes as a result of this, not necessarily these projects specifically.

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It's nice but do I have to pay a monthly fee for it?

who cares about adobe.. a sh*t company that is lying to it´s customers.
the CEO dares to say to bloombergs that the cusomers WANT the cloud and subscription program.
sure... they want pimples and the black death too....

Like I said, in this case I was hoping to focus on this particular project, not Adobe as a company. The concept and direction is cool, and that's what I think is important about it.

the cloud stuff is more important... don´t try obscuring tactics.

This project IS cloud stuff.

No, this project is NOT about "cloud stuff." Having elements follow you by using the cloud is just a feature. The Mighty and Napoleon projects are about having physical tools that help decrease the technological handicap we have today when it comes to quickly taking our ideas from concept to product.

minor updates.. constant payment.. that is what the cloud is all about.
you have to pay anway.. so why develop new cost intensive features??
customers will have less influence on the development.. they have to pay anyway....
and some morons think that is a good idea....

@frsdtfre:disqus LMAO... Yeah... they're a sh*t company alright. Only changing the world is all. This is gold and exactly what he said... "scratching the surface". Can't wait for more. BTW... LOVE LOVE LOVING my CS subscription. Already converted my entire company... just saved over $9,000 a year. BAMMIE WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad it's working for someone. For use indie guys who can live a generation or two without the not-so-essential incremental updates, it could be more than triple the price. I jumped from three generations to CS5. Didn't miss anything in between really. Cost $199. At $20 p/m for the one app only, it would have cost me $720. Dress a turd up however you want and its still a pile of crap..

Some of us Indie guys know how to write our software off as a tax expense giving us the latest software and saving us money in taxes. Oh and wait it comes with a free professional website saving me even more money.

Holy fuck people, its a company, they make money. If you don't like how they make money, move the fuck on, and don't spend your money there THE END. This isn't some coverup. They didn't blow up the twin towers. CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

So the next installment will let m know that these wonderful devices I purchase and use with their software will only work if I cloud connect every 30 days... There is a lot of information coming from Adobe right now in as much as innovation as they see it.. The question is, how much is all of it going to cost, and is it all rented.

I fail to see the use for this.

We use pen and paper because it is comfortable and familiar. From the texture of the paper to the way the pen feels in our hands. That's why we have favorite pens. That's it. We like the tactile familiarity. It's emotional as much as anything.

Trying to replicate pen and paper will never quite be the same. And we will never develop the emotional attachment to a tablet that we do with pen and paper. Why chase that ghost?

I have a tablet at work, when I want to ideate i don't/can't use my tablet. no screen can replicate the magic of paper and pen.

it's already outdated product even before its launch. LOL

Can you enlighten us on what already does this?

It's cool but I think I'm missing something. Wacom already has an iPad friendly stylus and there are a handful (that I know of) apps that you can draw, take notes, etc with. I think my disconnect is how Adobe's product is different from what's already out there. I think I need to watch that video again...

It saves a lot of your cloud settings and palettes in the pen and not the device, so you can switch devices and keep working. The biggest thing is its pressure sensitive, which wacom's bamboo pen is not. The only one i know of thats not on the market currently is the Jot Touch. There were some on kickstarter but i don't think you can buy them yet.

You state the Wacom Bamboo hasn't got pen pressure sensitivity. I don't know where you got that from:

The Bamboo Stylus for iPad, not the Bamboo tablet. I i looked it up its called the solo, pocket or duo stylus.

EDIT: it turns out they make a pressure sensitive stylus for non-capasitive windows 8 devices that have EMF.

Looks neat. But it looks like it is lagging a bit :-(

The "Calm middle aged man"-sales pitch I learnt from Apple isn't brainwashing me anymore. I am free! :D

I wonder when this will be available and how much it will cost.