Adobe Updates Professional Video, Audio, and Photography CC Desktop Applications with New Features

Adobe Updates Professional Video, Audio, and Photography CC Desktop Applications with New Features

As announced at Adobe MAX 2015, Adobe released new updates to its professional Creative Cloud suite of applications. Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Audition CC, Dreamweaver CC, Photoshop CC, Fuse CC (Preview), Adobe Stock, and more have been updated. You can download the new versions from the Adobe Creative Cloud app.

Photoshop CC features updates that integrate it more tightly with Adobe Stock and other asset services in addition to designer-pleasing features such as art board support in Photoshop. Photoshop's continued dark and now-"enhanced" UI will take some getting used to (many will likely tweak more settings), but some features are clearly better refinements that aid in daily activities. Audition CC features some pretty awesome automated music-to-timeline-matching features (Remix), and other video-related apps welcome a bevy of new refinements to color control, etc. Either way, common sense dictates that you should wait until a subsequent bug-fix update if you want a smoother transition.

Of note, Flash CC is now renamed and updated to Animate CC in acknowledgement of the fact that HTML5 is the predominant and preferred technology for producing animations over what's often been lauded as the buggy, insecure, and power-hungry Flash animation.

Because each of these applications' new features is quite specific and only of interest if you use the application in question frequently, we'll let you explore all that's new through Adobe's videos and blog posts on the updates.

Last note: I was unable to update through my Photoshop CC app at first from 2015.0.1 (the most recent version before today) to 2015.1. For those having issues despite signing out and logging back in and/or quitting and restarting the Creative Cloud app, this is what worked for me: Download and install the original version of Photoshop CC (2015) (or any app) by downloading here (sign in, and Creative Cloud will take over your update once you get to the "Photoshop is downloading now" page). Continue after the warning of reverting to an earlier version. Once installed, CC saw an update and installed to the latest release from today. Presto. If your Photoshop CC now opens with a new dialog showing your most recently opened apps, you're there. So far, this is the only way I've been able to "automatically" update my CC apps without opening a chat with Adobe Support and letting them take over my computer to delete and add various program files.

Update: Adobe has a great blog post solely with information on the Photoshop CC update and the Fuse CC Preview. Adobe Stock integration is better than ever; and with competitive pricing at $9.99 per image, $79.99 per video, and $29.99/mo. and $199.99/mo. plans for ten and 750 images per month, respectively, Adobe is positioning itself extremely well to take a serious chunk of the stock photography market.

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sorta off-topic, but I wish lightroom would get palettes. It would really help me out versus scrolling through one giant column.

That's actually a great suggestion and great point. Adobe, are you listening? Request sent! ;-)

On that note, I feel like there are a few features that Adobe can bring to Lightroom to make it THAT much easier for photographers to have certain aspects of control over their photos without pulling them into Photoshop. Hopefully they'll bring more into Lightroom once they continue to realize anyone who gets Lightroom also gets Photoshop in many cases (and the price doesn't change anyway if one takes advantage of the Photography Plan).

I fully agree with all of that. I think convergence of the two is really important if the're going to continue bundling them together anyway. I'm about 95% into Lightroom as my one-stop shop for my wedding workflow. If Adobe acquired PhotoMechanic and built it into it's Library Module, I wouldn't be mad. They really should start on acquisitions that they aren't developing.

How do we get real life user feedback to the people at Adobe?

Adobe actually does a great job taking in and hearing a ton of user feedback. Unfortunately (and at least to their short-term detriment...time will tell as for the rest), they simply still think they know best and are extremely hard to convince. We could all get up tomorrow and send 1,000 messages about including a faster import process or faster image loading for culling....and nothing would change. Wait a minute...what have we been doing for the last five years? Haven't we done this, time and time again? And yet, they're busy trying to make the import dialogue something that overwhelmed amateurs will gravitate towards instead of increasing speed in any meaningful way... Sad days right now... I don't know who is leading their team, but I really hope they wake up sometime soon.

I agree, adding Photomechanic would be awesomely helpful but adding any more to lightroom would probably just slow it down further, destroying Photomechanic in the process...

I really would like a capture one aproach to lightroom,
for example addition of masked layers for better control of adjustments, and better color management and toning utilities, oh a liquify would be cool too, but i dont ask that much, capture one excels at color management, its just so easy to edit, color grade and now even make masks based on color, why dont lightroom step it up it game.
i just dont want to go to photoshop and create a large tiff or psd file if i can avoid it

No disrespect, but the last thing I would want is for Adobe to acquire Photo Mechanic. I have used PM for over 15 years and the program is blazingly fast, powerful with a fully engaged and active developer-- a brilliant program. Lightroom was acquired (the original name escapes me right now) which is why many of the shortcuts and general setup don't follow Adobe norms. I would much rather have a few tools that are top of the heap at what they do than trying to jam everything into one ginormous, bloated, resource ravenous piece of software that ends up doing no one thing as best in class.

I would really like a liquify style tool to operate within lightroom, would really streamline quick fixes i can currently only do in PS

Updates for updates sake.

Everybody complained about the big Lightroom update, but I haven't seen anyone complaining about how they ruined the Healing Brush in Photoshop. I'm glad one of my 2 machines is not set for auto updates as the new Healing Brush behaves completely different and it's doesn't produce the same result. I wish they would have just added a new brush into that tool. "Classic Healing Brush" would be much appreciated.

Just updated PS and it seems like some shortcuts have changed. For example, I cannot switch opened tabs using ctrl+tab like before :(
I haven't tried the healing brush on 16bits files yet, but I hope they corrected the problem that was in the previous CC 2015 version.