Adobe Lightroom Now Has an Instagram Account

Adobe Lightroom Now Has an Instagram Account

You might say they are late to the pack, and it's quite ironic. One of the largest photography communities in the world and Adobe Lightroom, the software many photographers use to make the photos look the way they do. I'm glad they are doing it, but why now? I mean, Fstoppers has over 325,000 followers on Instagram. It's because of the love of photography and the community that we form part of. And I am not sure I can say the same thing for Adobe Lightroom starting up their profile now. Instagram just became a very viable marketing platform too, so it makes sense for brands to come into the fray, especially brands who make products for the photographic market. 

I am going to follow them, and hopefully I'll get to see some really great photographs which I believe is what they aim to do. I believe they should get a large following in a short amount of time too. As long as it's properly credited I think it'll do the industry well and both parties, Lightroom and the featured photographers will benefit because of this. 

In the back of my mind is just the rhetorical question of why now, and if I answer, it's because it's a place for marketing new products and sell their brand and not for the love for photography. However, they make the apps we use to create these images we hold dear, so it'll be a great place to stay up to date with their latest developments too. 

You can read more about it here

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"it's because it's a place for marketing new products and sell their brand and not for the love for photography" I think you could say that about every professional photographer posting to Instagram, with the same validity. To me, the intent of an individual or company is far less important than your perception of them. You can't change them but you should try to improve on yourself.

Disclosure: I'm not on Instagram or any social media site unless you count Fstoppers.

Dang, sounds like you've got an axe to grind with Lightroom? Every business is on social media for their own benefit, even Fstoppers, and that's not bad. Websites need page views to get paid by advertisers, and IG presence helps keep people engaged. I'd say of all the brands in the world that are on Instagram, Lightroom is one of the most logical ones. I'm just surprised it's taken them this long.

Funny that you posted this today as I just found Lightroom on Instagram and tagged them. Yes, super late to the game, but I think that a lot of businesses and brands don't necessarily see the value of being on IG right away because they are focused too much on other forms of marketing. I guess it just took them a while to figure out how they would effectively use it to engage with their customers.