Here's What $6,000,000 Worth of Photo Gear Looks Like

If you were impressed by Getty Images' table covered by high-end Canon DSLRs and lenses, then you should definitely check this out.

L'Équipe, the French newspaper devoted to sports, has posted on their Instagram a behind the scenes shot taken by Sébastien Boué, which shows us how they're getting ready for 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I don't know if it's just me, but when looking at a sports event, I can't help but check out what gear the photographers are shooting with, especially because most of the time they're using the big guns that we don't see around very often. I've definitely never seen so much gear all at once, except in my dreams:

Who knows, maybe hidden among such beauties lies a prototype of the rumored (and patented) Canon EF 1000mm f/5.6 DO. In case this beast won't be ready yet, the folks at L'Équipe could surely ask Canon to provide them with one of the legendary EF 1200mm f/5.6L USM lenses from the 1984 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles! 

Correction: The original article stated this was for the L'Équipe newspaper; the equipment is actually what Canon furnishes for the Olympics. The photo was taken by an employee of the newspaper. 

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Lenn Long's picture

Where's the shelf of iPhones?

Lane Shurtleff's picture

Why so ga-ga over a large volume of "L" lenses and pro grade bodies? You won't find any top secret "prototype" equip[ment hiding in there. They need solid equipment that they can rely on.

After seeing another article on PetaPixal, this seems to be the Canon Professional Services (CPS) storage room. Not a French sports newspaper agency.

ofer ribak's picture

this is a wrong report. please correct or remove.

Gustavo Figueiredo's picture

Yes, it is a wrong report. I remember seeing these same images maybe more than 4 years ago.

Drew Valadez's picture

How? In one of the images you can see a strap that says "7D mark...." so that can only mean a mk II at minimum. Mk ii came out when? Not 4 years ago, that's for sure.

Gustavo Figueiredo's picture

7D MKI was launched in 2009. And they published exactly the same photos for 2012 London Olympics.

Drew Valadez's picture

Straps don't say "7D Mark 1" it says "EOS 7D" for first gen.

Look at the strap. 7Dii. There was no publicly announced 7Dii in 2012. It was released in 2014. So there is no way that photo was taken 2012 or earlier.

Gustavo Figueiredo's picture

You're right. And they're not the same photos. The photos I was talking about (2012) are these:

Guillaume Meyer's picture

L'Equipe posted a pic of the gear brought to Rio by Canon Pro Services! This is NOT the gear brought by the newspaper's photogs (that would be ridiculous)