IKEA Uses CGI-Generated Model Instead of Real Human for Its Latest Campaign

It’s no secret that IKEA makes full use of CGI for its catalogs, but it has now gone a step further. For its latest campaign, the Swedish furniture giant used a CGI model instead of a human for IKEA Japan’s most recent advert.

Featured within the campaign is CGI model Imma. The story is that she lived within an apartment for three days, which was furnished entirely with IKEA furniture. Of course, she and all of the "photos" she posted aren’t real and were created digitally.

A store in Tokyo even screened the footage of Imma living her life in the apartment, with members of the public able to watch her doing daily tasks including cooking, cleaning, and posting Instagram photos. There’s even a livestream that you can watch back in its entirety — if you have 10 hours to spare.

Imma is one of a number of public figures created through CGI, with a real-life model being used before the animation is added. As My Modern Met wrote, “her photos are created by transposing her 3D animated head onto a live-action body and background.”

It’s an interesting take on promoting a new collection from a company that has used CGI methods for years now. Time will tell if it can replace the need for humans entirely!

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davidlovephotog's picture

I was so mad when I ordered a new couch from them and they sent me an .obj file in an email.

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Hilarious! 😀