Instagrammers Hospitalized After Jumping Into Poisonous Lake

Instagrammers Hospitalized After Jumping Into Poisonous Lake

We often see stories of photographers or social media influencers falling into danger in order to get some shot, and this is just the latest in that trend. Several Instagrammers became seriously ill after jumping into a highly toxic lake in Spain.

The lake, Monte Neme, is actually a quarry that was adjacent to a now-abandoned tungsten mine. It's popular with the Instagram crowd because of its mesmerizing aquamarine color, but it gets that hue due to the abundance of toxic chemicals in it, and coming into contact with the water can cause problems ranging from allergic reactions that cause skin rashes to digestive system damage — severe enough that at least one person has been hospitalized after ingesting the poisonous water. Unbelievably, one influencer said "the picture was worth [the rash]." Nonetheless, locals are calling on the government to place warnings around the water and to cordon off the area (as I'm sure not everyone who waded in would have done so had they known the risk), but nothing has been done yet. In the meantime, hopefully the increased publicity about the dangers of the lake will deter others from getting near the water. 

Lead image of Monte Neme by Wikipedia user Jglamela, used under Creative Commons.

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Would someone please explain to me the net positive influence of "Instagramming" on our society? Other than exposing those citizens who have mush-for-brains, I mean.

Seriously -- what are these 'influencers' and 'instagrammers' doing that make all this worthwhile?

I'm an amateur photographer; I wouldn't have an Instagram account if you paid me. Perhaps there are pro photographers who find it useful as a place to drum up business. Perhaps there are other uses. But there are so many negatives out there (some of which I've read right here at Fstoppers). So what am I missing?

Logan Cressler's picture

Not much lol. Also I have yet to hear too many professional photographers that have ever got much, if any business, from instagram. I got on a couple of years ago or less, after someone wanted to see my images and asked for my instagram, and I didnt have one. I never post on it though so will likely just delete the whole thing. I don't really like anything about it.

Leigh Miller's picture

There is an abundance of positives that social media has brought to our world in general. And with everything else the negatives follow.

These idiots that risk their health, lives, financial stability etc would be doing so even if social media didn't exist. We just wouldn't know about it right away.

I use instagram to share and look at photos I like. It's just a gallery in the grand scheme of things. Most articles that talk about instagram are negative because that's what gets the clicks..

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Preventing natural selection weakens our society. Post a sign stating the risks, and those that ignore it are free to do as they wish.

Ryan Cooper's picture

To a degree, but also important to remember situations like this are unlikely to prevent reproduction. Rather, they are just a drain on public medical resources.

That said, did these influencers "know" the lake was toxic and jump in anyway? Or did they just see a beautiful blue lake and think it would be a great place for a photoshoot?

Logan Cressler's picture

I agree that a sign should be posted to explain the dangers or even one that just says do not touch the water should be enough. Anyone that gets a medical condition because of their incompetence or breaking the rules should have to pay for the cost of treatment in full.

I work in a museum, with hundreds of signs saying do not touch, and yet still, people think that they can sneak a touch, cause what would one person possibly damage? People routinely think they are above the rules, because of whatever reason. I am OK with people getting sick from doing stupid things.

No reason to cordon off the area if people cannot follow simple instructions, they are free to get sick or worse.

I have recently deleted my instagram as I never used it much anyway, and after the article on petapixel on all the various places and similar events, I cannot support it anymore. Its not instagrams fault in specific, as that article outlines in depth that many of these are actual professional photographers on paid shoots destroying things, so I cant just blame instagram. But instagram provides no benefit to my life and only sucks time so I deleted it.

Will Murray's picture

Natural selection woupd count anyone with myopia and anyone with a chronic medical condition. That's a lot of people.

Logan Cressler's picture

I think you either failed to see the point of my post or are intentionally trying to be argumentative by taking what I said to the extreme, another troubling trend in our society.

Will Murray's picture

You threw around the phrase "natural selection" and apparently I'm the one who lacks comprehension...

Logan Cressler's picture

As suspected, you are just looking for a confrontation so I will leave you to find it elsewhere. However if you would like to participate in an adult conversation, I am more than prepared to defend my stance, in addition to expanding it to explain how our interference with natural selection has caused many of the health conditions that plague our society.

Will Murray's picture

You really should have just dropped it.

Stopping natural selection doesn't "cause" anything. Natural selection selects out unfit individuals. What you are so ineptly trying to say, is that modern society has pernitted the survival of individuals who would not previously survived.

JetCity Ninja's picture

there's a difference between natural selection and eugenics.

Will Murray's picture

Wait, did we just stumble into a conversation about killing people?

*curiosity intensifies*

JetCity Ninja's picture

now i see where the issue lies. you have no idea what eugenics is.

or you have a misguided definition of personhood.

Will Murray's picture

Actually, no one was talking about anything more than natural selection in the absence of modern society.

Your attempt to throw in a legal term of art was irrelevant and transparent.

"The issue", as you so aptly put it, was your non sequitur.

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

It's not that wrong, what he's meaning. Since WWII it's not very common to use that word, because of what the Germans and Japanese did.

Seems to be a dangerous decease this influencer.

Robert Nurse's picture

"as I'm sure not everyone who waded in would have done so had they known the risk" says a lot. Perhaps they didn't know the lake was toxic. I can't believe they would have jumped in had they known.

Entered someone else's property and jumped into strange looking pond and perhaps consumed some of the pond. That is somewhat indicative of the intelligence of the person.

David Love's picture

So fill it up with Piranhas and they will eat away that toxic environment. Won't do much for the lakes water condition though.

Common Sense is a rare commodity these days.

Edmund Devereaux's picture

Empathy has never been my strong point and especially for stupidity.

I foresee more internet-famous people jumping into the lake "for the experience".

I feel bad saying this, but it's hard to feel sorry for these folks. Why do so many people feel a compulsion to take endless photos of....themselves?

Rob Mitchell's picture

Can't legislate against stupid.

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

[ ] Karma
[ ] Stupidity
[ ] Natural Selection

I guess, I tick all three... ;)

There is no limit to the stupidity of certain people or their vanity.
You cannot protect people from doing really stupid stuff if they have set their minds to it.

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Yet more evidence of what the human race seems to be best at, destroying the environment!

As for the people swimming in it....

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Instagram is owned by FBook, which is basically a big harvesting machine for your personal data.

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