Kim and Kanye Donate $25,000 to Photographer After Serious Car Accident

Kim Kardashian's personal photographer was in a nearly fatal car accident back in October on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde Has been in the hospital since a serious car crash in late October. Hyde is still in the hospital and is not expected to get out any time soon due to very serious injuries. It was reported that Hyde lost control of his car and crashed over 200 feet down off the road. He was life flighted to UCLA Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. Since the accident, there haven't been any posts to Hyde's social media accounts but his fans continue to share prayers for his recovery and loving comments.  

Hyde is the personal photographer for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. In the days before the crash, Hyde had been traveling in Bali with the Kardashian family. Yesterday Kardashian tweeted the Gofundme fundraiser for Hyde asking her fans to donate to the photographer's recovery. In less than a day after being posted, $29,000 was raised for Hyde's medical expenses, far more than the $10,000 goal.

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Mr Hogwallop's picture

Well, $25k will cover about one day (maybe a day and a half) of the hospital stay....

cameramanDop Shanghai Hong Kong's picture

...and represent 1mn of earning of the Kardashian family.
A bit weird to ask people to support a funding campaign when they could have just paid the bill in a snap of fingers.

LA M's picture

and this is why the affordable care act is so important. every citizen should have some form of basic coverage.

davidlovephotog's picture

Nobody can afford the stupid aca which is why it's a fail. Even worse when they fine you for being too broke to afford medical coverage. And yes, her asking others to pay for her personal photographer shows how greedy that family is.

chrisrdi's picture

Yep. completely un-affordable. Another problem of the ACA was that it only focused on Insurance. It never did anything about the ACTUAL COST of health care. $600 a month with an $8000 deductible was the cheapest i could get and that didn't cover hardly anything. If you have to have surgery good like finding a doctor in your network. Good luck getting it covered. A dude I knew called an uber after breaking his arm at a skate park to take him to the hospital because he knew the ambulance would cost about $3000 for 6 mile ride. Ludicrous... It's pathetic when the cost of health care is so high people start taking ubers and lyfts to get to a hospital.

Robert Nurse's picture

If by failure, you mean that Congress failed to fund the law, for reason we can only speculate, then sure: failure. But, that would be like passing a speeding ordinance to save lives. Law enforcement refuses to enforce the law. Then, its detractors blame the law for the resulting loss of life and property damage.

Spy Black's picture

The ACA exists as it does thanks to the interference from the medical industry and insurance companies. We live in the age of Corporate Imperialism...

Felix Wu's picture

As a celebrity photographer I don’t think he can’t afford to pay for the hospital bill (which insurance should cover anyway) but it’s very nice of Kim and Kanye to support him in this way.

Mr Hogwallop's picture

Sorry Felix, it's not "very nice" of them to donate what they probably spend on lunch at the Ivy on a Tuesday to help their personal photographer. This is the USA he's gonna be bankrupt.

I managed to FF my way to the relevant part of the clip, they said he was airlifted to the hospital, and the car was unrecognizable. It could've been a Kia or a Range Rover I dunno.
When I had a client in the medical ins industry we were shooting at a hospital and a medivac arrived, the client said that if you are coming in that way your are in serious trouble and your bill is gonna start around $400k just the ride is probably $15-25k

Felix Wu's picture

If the medical bill is 400k why the hell did they set a goal of 10k? It doesn’t make any sense. Doesn’t a celebrity photographer have any form of business or medical insurance to cover events like this? That would cover all expenditure I assume.

steve fischer's picture

because the gofundme is to pay his deductibles and max out of pocket for the year before the insurance company pays all other bills. My plan deductiles are $12,500 in network and $25,000 out of network max per year. His personal savings will have to last him a long time with no income coming in till he can hopefully shoot again. I went through a car crash that left me unable to shoot for 2 years so regardless of the amount of savings he has it's going to be a hit. And it's no secret that he has a thing for supercars and an expensive lifestyle. Not saying that should be supported by a gofundme but that fact that a gofundme has been started doesn't mean he doesn't have insurance.

Michelle Maani's picture

A go-fund me account is not money from the Kardashians. It's money from the public.