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MAC Cosmetics Posts Images With Unedited Facial Hair

Cosmetic companies are known for using high levels of retouching in their images. MAC Cosmetics is the latest company to ditch the Photoshop in some recent posts, and the Internet is divided about it.

Benjamin Von Wong Shows Us How Photography Can Change the World

We all know that humans are destroying the earth, but we live in a time where the destruction has become too much to take lightly anymore. Will artists be the ones to bring the earth together to clean and protect it? Benjamin Von Wong shows us that the answer is yes, and he asks all of us to join him.

How to Successfully Re-establish Yourself as a Photographer After Relocating

Relocating is never easy but it can be an incredible step in a photographers' career and craft. A new city, state, or even country is a blank canvas with endless possibilities. These possibilities and work to be done in order to transition can be overwhelming, where do you even begin?

What Life Is Really Like While Following Dreams of a Career in Photography

A basic formula to attain a fulfilling photography career does not really exist. The industry is abnormal, so your life climbing into it will be too. Whether your dream is to be the go-to photographer in a small town or to be a world-traveling journalist, this is what you can expect in a life full of photography.

How to Edit Every Ugly Location to Look Like an Editorial

I have always loved shooting in ugly places such as gas stations and abandoned buildings, but it took me a while to learn how to make these places look magical in my images. You can't just put a beautiful woman in front of these places and expect it to work.

Must-See Dramatization of Sexual Harassment During a Photoshoot

We've all heard the horror stories by now, reports of sexual harassment in the industry continue to flood our news feeds daily, but have you ever actually seen it? This extremely well-made dramatization based on a real-life incident is a must see.