Kim Jong-Un’s Photographer Brutally Fired for Blocking the Crowd’s View of Him for Three Seconds

Kim Jong-Un’s Photographer Brutally Fired for Blocking the Crowd’s View of Him for Three Seconds

Kim Jong-un has reportedly fired his photographer for imposing on his "supreme dignity". The dictator claims the public’s view of him was blocked for three seconds while the photographer scrambled to get a better spot from which to take his picture.

Identified only by his surname Ri, the photographer was tasked with documenting Jong-un during the elections. According to Pyongyang sources, he was guilty of "adjusting the angle so that the camera's flash covered the Dear and Respected Supreme Leader Comrade's neck".

In taking the ill-fated position, Ri — who just last month documented the summit with Donald Trump in Hanoi, Vietnam — is also accused of violating rules which ban any photography within two meters of the Jong-un, and prohibit pictures or video from being taken directly in front of him. 

The dictator had arrived to cast his election vote, stopping to wave at the crowd, at which point Ri stepped in front of him. A news camera caught the moment on video.

Since the incident, the photographer was fired and removed from the Workers' Party of Korea – essentially making him a second-class citizen. Sources describe Ri’s actions as an "anti-Party act of damaging the Supreme Dignity of our Party", and that he had been fired almost instantly.

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Rob Mitchell's picture

Fair enough really.

If you could just do that to Aunt Helen who steps into the aisle with her phone just as the couple kiss.

Mick Ryan's picture

Wow, this article is a wonderful example of western propaganda. If it even happened how is one ‘brutally’ fired? Fired is fired.

Ignacio Balbuena's picture

well you have many adjectives, why not quickly dismiss? sounds elegant and classy lol

Being fired by Kim Jong Un may cause you to lose your life though. His life probably will change for the worse a lot.

Jack Alexander's picture

If you were fired on the spot for standing in the wrong place for 3 seconds you wouldn't consider it brutal? Quit ya complaining.

Chad D's picture

fired in NK most likely means he is now dead or in a work camp along with his family 3 generations out

Richard Lutz's picture

Have you seen North Korea's human rights record? Being fired in general is pretty bad. Being fired in NK would be something completely different. Especially when one is dealing with Kim Jong Un.

Exactly! pure propaganda..

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David Penner's picture

I wonder if they used the anti aircraft guns to fire him or just a regular gun?

Ariel Martini's picture

Actually he was fired for using flash in daytime.

I thought it was entirely common to use flash during the day to do things like fill in shadows?

Ariel Martini's picture

It was a joke! By the way, you are fired.

Michael Kormos's picture

We can barely trust the news that our domestic media outlets report. Are we REALLY supposed to believe sensationalist news from a government known to consistently lie and distort facts in order to portray a false image of itself?

Jacques Cornell's picture

I'm unclear about which government you're referring to.

Daniel Medley's picture

Brutally fired? Being "brutally fired" in NK is being tied to a pole and then executed with a 20mm anti aircraft gun in front of a crowd of apparatchiks.

He got off easy by NK standards.

user-206807's picture

It smells like propaganda…

Stefan Rasch's picture

What happened to the driver of the car passing Kim? Sent to re-education camp for the next 5 years?

And you thought street photography was tough where you were.

Hernan Copello's picture

Comments are pure gold. I would invite him to argentina but macrisis would me same as bad

This is a rivalry between the videographer and the photographer.