Kneeling Photographer Knocked Unconscious After Sideline Collision at Football Game

Kneeling Photographer Knocked Unconscious After Sideline Collision at Football Game

The audience of a recent UGA game in Georgia, Atlanta, underwent a scare after they witnessed the moment a photographer was knocked unconscious after a player stumbled out of bounds and collided with her.

Chamberlain Smith, a photography intern for the UGA Athletic Association, was left unconscious by Georgia’s Brian Herrien after he was knocked past the field’s lines during the game. She had been knelt down at the time, and is now suffering a black eye as a result of the collision.

Smith was aided by UGA medics at the sidelines. She was loaded onto a stretcher and removed from the pitch. After treatment at East Alabama Medical Center, it was determined she had a number of bumps and bruises, as well as a concussion. The incident is reminiscent of another last month, when NFL photographer Shelley Lipton was accidentally knocked to the ground by Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who later checked in on her via social media. Herrien was equally a gent, as it was reported he was “genuinely concerned” and waited around to hear of the photographer’s condition. “They literally had to tell him to go to his sideline,” tweeted sports journalist Marvin James. James’ tweet also included a photo of the split-second before the two collided.

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James Madison's picture

I was watching the game when that happened and I think just about everyone watching was really concerned. I found it difficult to even pay attention to the game even once they resumed.

Zac Henderson's picture

I was at this game. Watching in real time was seriously scary. Any time someone gets hit that hard and shows zero movement immediately afterwards is very concerning. The whole stadium went quiet. Glad she’s ok.

David Staggs's picture

I would have thought this would have been a big headline on Fstoppers on Sunday or Monday at least . Not buried on the Wednesday page. BTW we do not play football on a pitch, we play it on a field...

Joe Healey's picture

One of the most violent hits I've ever seen a photographer take on the sidelines. Completely defenseless and she was out cold. Initial speculation was she was shooting for a big media outlet, but she was a student. It was hard to watch.