Married Couple Find Out They Inadvertently Appeared in the Same Snapshot a Decade Before They Met

Married Couple Find Out They Inadvertently Appeared in the Same Snapshot a Decade Before They Met

In a surprising and romantic turn of fate, a married couple found that they happened to be in the same photo 11 years before they even met.

With billions of people in the world, you likely pass by hundreds of people you'll never see again every day. However, a Chinese couple, identified as Mr. Ye and Ms. Xue, recently discovered that they had appeared in the same photograph 11 years before they even met. It happened in 2000, when the two independently visited the city of Qingdao, where they traveled to May Fourth Square, which commemorates the May Fourth movement. Xue took the trip with her mother to help her recover after a surgery, while Ye was part of a tour group arranged by his mother, who unfortunately had to stay home at the last minute due to appendicitis. At the same moment, the two posed for separate pictures in front of the sculpture, Xue's photo capturing Ye in the background. 

They would not actually know each other for another 11 years, eventually meeting and falling in love about 1,000 miles away in the city of Chengdu. Even then, they didn't discover the coincidence immediately. It wasn't until Ye was going through some of his wife's old photos that he discovered the amazing happenstance. The couple, who now have twin daughters, say they plan to return to the site with their children and take another photo, as it has "special" meaning to them. 

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These photographic coincidences are jumping sharks.

haha thats crazzzzyyy. i bet this will happen more and more now with all the cell phone photos.

Wow, Deja vu.......If I had ever been here before I would probably know just what to do
Don't you?

Do you know? Don't you wonder? What's going on down under you....

Wow the year 2000 sounds like "ages" now. Dang I'm old. I remember when Y2K bug was the craze lol